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Larodar, Keeper of the Flame

  • 26-11-2023

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Larodar, Keeper of the Flame Guide + Tactics

Larodar, Keeper of the Flame is a guardian from the raid - Amirdrassil, the Dream's Hope. In the Adventure Guide, he is proudly ranked 5th among all bosses of this raid.

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General information:

  • During the boss fight, gamers will have to fight not only the boss, but also his assistants. In addition, during the boss fight there will be friendly NPCs towards the players.
  • Boss Essence: Beat Treants / Heal / Clear Puddles / Beat Roots / Heal / Get protection from death in the barrier / Repeat.
  • Heroism (BL) - must be activated at 35% boss health (phase 2).
  • Assign groups of 3 characters in advance, to clear the platform (it is recommended not to assign melee fighters).

List of abilities

Title Description Explanation of "What to do?

Stage One: The Cycle of Flame

Seed of Life:

Igniting Growth Mythic: The boss casts an effect on characters that provokes players to set the ground on fire, while accelerating the speed of the ground burning for 15 seconds. Personal aura creating puddles, you need to compact the puddles.
Dream Blossom The seed blossoms. Three players can interact with it. The most recent character gains the ability to extinguish the fire while having to drain the Seed of Life's energy. If the seed has energy, then the player can click on it and go to brush the burning ground with his torso. The energy of the seed will decrease.
Normal / Heroic: from Seed of Life three players pull one line and clear the ground.
Mythic: Three players must line up in a chain shape, with a third character clearing the ground and uncovering roots.
Dream Fatigue Heroic / Mythic: A debuff is placed on the character, prohibiting him from interacting with Seed of Life for 4 minutes. Temporary restriction on the use of mechanics, imposed when the chain is broken. If you accidentally hit the chain, you will also get a debuff.
Burning Ground РSpreads across the battle room, dealing 99k fire damage every 1.5 seconds. Burning Ground spreads by Boss, hostile Treants and Roots, as well as by itself. Black puddles.
Furious Charge (Tank) Heroic / Mythic: The boss makes a dash at its target, dealing 1.6M physical damage and 831k fire damage and knockback. Damage decreases depending on distance. Additionally deals 415k physical damage to all characters in its path, and throws all characters backwards. The tank takes the jerk away from the raid members. It is recommended to take out the boss spurt into already existing puddles, so as not to create new puddles.
Nature's Fury (Tank) A debuff that increases the character's physical damage by 1000% for 20 seconds. This percentage of damage decreases with each second until the effect ends. Tanks may swap between each other or attempt to run away from opponents for the duration of the negative effect.
Furious Outburst (Tank) Heroic / Mythic: Upon reaching the target, the orb explodes and deals fire AoE damage. The amount of damage directly depends on the distance. The farther the jerk, the lower the final damage.
Blazing Thorns Puddles, deal damage within a 3 meter radius. On contact, it throws characters away. Blazing Coalescence occurs at the end of the growth. Made in the form of a beautiful star on the floor from which spheres appear.
Blazing Coalescence Absorbing Sphere, instantly deals 166k fire damage and an additional 20k fire damage every 2 seconds while increasing the critical hit probability by 20% for 10 seconds.
The boss attracts spheres to itself. If the boss absorbs an orb, its fire damage is increased by 20% for 10 seconds. This effect is cumulative.
You can dispel it, but there's no point. Each character must absorb once.
Everlasting Blaze Mythic: Inflicts +250% damage to the character vulnerable to this orb. The effect is cumulative. Negative effect (debuff) of infinite duration. Getting the second effect will be very painful - it is not recommended to get it. The third effect will definitely kill the character.
Raging Inferno When accumulating 100 energy, the boss deals 2.5M fire damage to enemies every 2 seconds for 6 seconds. In a barrier, the damage is reduced by 90%.
Upon completion, the boss receives the effect Combusting Presence.
The boss gets 2 energy every 2 seconds. This AoE damage will be every 100 seconds. It is necessary to take cover in the bush barrier. In the barrier 1 ripple = 250k on raid members. 4 ripples total 1M damage.
This damage can be swiped with medium healing abilities. All allied NPCs take damage from this ability. If you didn't heal the bush before the AoE damage, it will take a large amount of damage from the first ripple and your fight will end.
Combusting Presence Atmosphere on the boss, deals 25k fire damage every 1.5 seconds to all enemies and forcing him to stay behind Burning Ground.
Cumulative after each Raging Inferno.
Cumulative. Dissipates on combat phase 2.

Intermission: Unreborn Again

Consuming Flame Upon reaching 35% health (or after three Raging Inferno), the boss begins to rapidly draw in and consume the surrounding flames, dealing 133k fire damage to characters every 0.5 seconds while attracting players for 16 seconds. Being under the boss deals an additional 124k fire damage.
The flames burn Larodar, and turn him into the Avatar of Ashes.
All damage dealt by the boss must be countered by the healers. All players must resist the attraction. 32 ripples at 133k = 4.3M damage total. That's about 4-5 full (100%) of the character's health. At this point, you should alternate between powerful defense spells and healing all players as much as possible.

Stage Two: Avatar of Ash

Avatar of Ash Larodar transforms into Avatar of Ash, casting searing ash on players every 12 seconds.  
Ashen Devastation Mythic: The boss covers characters with Searing Ash. This ash attracts nearby flames, dealing 16k fire damage once every 1 second for 8 seconds. When it expires, it deals 415k fire damage to all characters. This damage decreases as players move away from the epicenter of the explosion. You need to get as far away as possible to minimize taking damage.
Falling Embers Coals fall from the sky, dealing 166k fire damage to players within a 3 meter radius.
Missing Puddles deals 415k fire damage and imposes the Searing Ash on all players.
Small meteorites, it is necessary to overlap (absorb). One character is enough to cover one meteorite.
Flash Fire The boss tries to clear several characters. Each character explodes after 6 seconds, dealing 166k fire damage and imposing the Encased in Ash on other characters within an 8 meter radius. Arrow overhead. Move away from everyone to a certain point. Do not hit other players while doing so. At the moment of falling, covers the bearer and the affected players with absorption.
Encased in Ash Players covered in ash absorb 405k healing and are stunned for 20 seconds. Releases a vortex of fire when removed. It is necessary to quickly heal players who are affected by the absorption effect.
Fire Whirl Fire whirlwinds swirl around the boss very quickly, dealing 166k fire damage every 0.5 seconds to characters standing inside. Must be avoided (no contact / dodge).
Smoldering Backdraft (Tank) Mass Destruction Blow. Boss hits all characters in front of him, dealing 1.5M fire damage to each character, applies Smoldering Suffocation effect. At the moment of this strike the tank must stand alone. Other players are forbidden to stand near the tank, otherwise it will lead to their imminent death.
Smoldering Suffocation (Tank) The attack casts an effect that reduces the character's healing by 100%, while dealing an additional 166k fire damage once every 1 second for 18 seconds.
A character affected by this effect steals 66k health from all allies within a 6 meter radius every second.
The tank needs to use defensive abilities that reduce damage (not damage absorption). At least 3 players must approach the tank to reduce its damage from the effect through damage sharing.
Ashen Asphyxiation Increases the choking damage dealt to a character by 5% for 15 seconds (cumulative). It is necessary to overlap the tank with specially designated groups.
Searing Ash Intermittent damage that increases every 12 seconds. One effect does minor damage, but when there are many effects, it is very dangerous for characters (cumulative). The effect does not dissipate, but only continuously adds up. By the end of the fight, it can deal 30k damage every second.
Ashen Call The boss summons Treants, who walk towards him in a ring in a circle on all sides. If the boss is low on health at this point, then try to get him away from the Treants.
Burning Ground The mechanics are completely similar to the first phase of combat. Black puddles.

Boss helpers (mobs)

Fiery Force of Nature (Treants):

Fiery Treant Fiery Treants aim to spread flames throughout the temple and leave behind the Burning Ground.
Hitting Treants in close combat inflicts Blistering Splinters, and after killing them, the Explosive Bark ability triggers, turning them into Charred Treants.
Must be killed, then upon death they will turn into an allied NPC called Renewed Treant.
Blistering Splinters (Tank) Treant's blows stab the tank with splinters that deal periodic damage to the tank every second for 15 seconds (cumulative effect).  
Fiery Flourish A standard spell that can be interrupted. It is necessary to interrupt the casting of this spell.
Explosive Bark When Treant dies, an explosion occurs, dealing average damage in a 3 meter radius. We need to move to a safe distance.
Charred Treant The species of these Treants lends itself to healing, after which they are transformed into Renewed Treant. Allied NPCs that need to be healed at 100%.
Renewed Treant Restores Seed of Life energy while sacrificing itself. Upon death, transforms back into a Fiery Treant. The healed ancient goes to recover Seed of Life.
Nature's Gift Renewed Treant restores Seed of Life energy while losing 3% of its own health every second. The spell is cast for 33 seconds.

Scorching Roots:

Scorching Roots Fixated on the player. Must be killed to turn into allied NPCs. Allied NPCs must be healed to get a bush to protect them from AoE damage.
Heroic / Mythic: Unable to pick at a target until they are opened up by the cleanup crew.
The player with the fixation needs to bring them to the guys who are cleaning the fire to open them. It is recommended that the team that cleans the ground prioritize opening these roots first, and then clean the platform.
The exposed roots must be killed.
Scorching Bramblethorn Upon contact with a character, it deals a small amount of damage and immobilizes the character for 2 seconds. Can be dispelled, also removed with Freedom's Hand and other similar abilities in other classes.
Charred Brambles These spikes are healable, once fully healed they turn into Renewed Bramble Barrier. Once killed, turns into an allied NPC that needs to be healed at 100%. Approximately 10M health in Mythic.
Renewed Bramble Barrier Protect characters from Raging Inferno. When destroyed, they turn into Explosive Bark. NPC turning into a bush with a barrier around it. This barrier must be entered during the activation of Raging Inferno.
Nature's Bulwark Reduces the damage received from Raging Inferno by 90%. A barrier that provides protection to characters during massive AoE damage.
Explosive Bark At the moment of death, an explosion occurs, dealing average damage within a 4 meter radius of the explosion's epicenter. Stand back, you could try assigning only ranged fighters to the extraction.
Ashen Asphyxiation The boss summons Treants, who come in a ring from the edges of the map. If the boss is low on health by this point, then just finish the boss off as quickly as possible.

Useful information on tactics

General principle of the game:

  1. Treants appear, they must be killed first and healed afterwards.
  2. Three players use the Seed to clear the land of fire.
    Heroic / Mythic: first cut open the roots, then kill the roots, and after that heal the roots.
  3. Be able to implement the recommendations from points 1 and 2 before the boss starts dealing AoE damage, so that the raid members can safely survive the AoE damage in the barrier.
  4. Repeat the actions from points: 1,2,3 in a circle, they will have to be performed 3 times or up to 30% of health. After that, the second phase will begin.

Heroic mechanics of working with a seed:

Player approaches, clicks on the seed, goes to clean the fire. When finished, receives a debuff.

Mythic mechanics of working with the seed:

  • The first player in the chain to click on the seed will see a green radius around the seed. This is the radius he must not go beyond to avoid breaking the link.
  • The second player will see a radius from the first player.
  • The third player will see the radius from the second player.

Walking with a connection is allowed, but not outside the radius of the circle.
Only the third player will have the ability to clear puddles. The energy of the seed will only be spent by the third player in the chain.

If the seed runs out of energy, or one of the players in the chain breaks the connection, he and all subsequent players will receive a debuff for using the mechanic. Casual players should not stand near the seed or the trio of firefighters, so as not to get in the way and not to catch unnecessary debuffs.

For Tanks:

  • Take the jerk out as far as possible to minimize damage to raid members. At the same time, it is desirable not to create new puddles. Ideally, take it out tangentially to the circle, so that the boss is within range for melee fighters.
  • Bring the boss to the roots and to the barrier so that the fighters don't lose damage.

For Healers:

  • Abilities that restore full health only work on green ancients, they don't work on bush.
  • Striking damage profile in phase one + high damage in the transition phase. Second phase - periodic escalating damage.

For DPS:

  • Try to kill the boss's minions quickly and avoid taking extra damage (make life easier for the healers).

Useful little tricks:

  • Customize filter string - spells cast by boss in logs: not in (425031,418637,425025,421407).

Positioning during combat

  • The pictures below show maps of the initial puddles.
  • Boss and ancients will leave additional puddles. The initial puddles will increase.
  • It is recommended to clear the initial puddles, and for the tanks to direct the boss' jerks towards the already existing puddles. Or keep the boss near one of the initial puddles to direct the jerk to these puddles. At the same time, the actions should be performed in such a way that it is not very far from the melee fighters.
    Presumably, the puddles that are chosen for the direction of the jerk can be un-cleared.

Example maps of initial puddles:

larodar, larodar keeper of the flame, map, puddles
larodar, larodar keeper of the flame, map, puddles

Timings during a boss fight

Heroic (HC) - Boss timers Heroic (HC) - note in MRT format
00:06 Treants {time:00:27} Charge
00:27 Charge {time:00:49} Charge
00:34 Spikes {time:01:12} Charge
00:40 Roots {time:01:49} Raging Inferno
00:49 Charge {time:00:14,SAR:417634:1} Charge
00:59 Spikes {time:00:36,SAR:417634:1} Charge
01:11 Charge {time:01:08,SAR:417634:1} Charge
01:23 Spikes {time:01:21,SAR:417634:1} Charge
01:45 AoE {time:01:53,SAR:417634:1} Raging Inferno
01:59 Charge {time:00:34,SAR:417634:2} Charge
02:02 Treants {time:00:56,SAR:417634:2} Charge
02:11 Spikes {time:01:19,SAR:417634:2} Charge
02:21 Charge {time:01:53,SAR:417634:2} Raging Inferno
02:41 Roots {time:00:03,SCS:421316:1} AoE (transition phase)
02:52 Charge {time:00:28,SCS:421316:1} Soak
03:06 Charge {time:00:41,SCS:421316:1} Mobs
03:16 Spikes {time:00:54,SCS:421316:1} Soak
03:38 AoE {time:01:19,SCS:421316:1} Soak
up to 35% health or up to 3 AoE {time:01:25,SCS:421316:1} Mobs
03:53 AoE (transition phase) {time:01:43,SCS:421316:1} Soak
04:19 Meteorites {time:02:08,SCS:421316:1} Soak
04:26 Hit the tank {time:02:09,SCS:421316:1} Mobs
04:32 Treants {time:02:33,SCS:421316:1} Soak
04:38 Absorptions {time:02:53,SCS:421316:1} Mobs
04:46 Meteorites    
04:47 Absorptions    
04:52 Hit the tank    

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