Verteilung der Beute

The company we adhere strict, but at the same time to rather flexible policy on production distribution. 

We in detail paint all subtleties connected about purchase of goods or services on our website, trying to do everything possible that information was available in perception for all age categories of clients.

In this article all possible variations and options to them on providing services by us in online the games sold on the website, and also the detailed description to each type of goods are painted.


    1. "Master Loot" (Responsible for production distribution) - at the choice of this option, you get to raid in which the leader has the right of distribution of production between the players participating in his passing that in turn guarantees the fastest clothing of your character for one of the specializations of talents chosen by you. Besides, having paid in addition small % you can order the service "master Loot" for all specializations which are available for a concrete class. Also, you can order additional priorities to relics and costume jewelry about which you can learn below (point 4).

    2. "Personal Loot" (Personalized production) - an option at which choice you are involved in raid where players in a random way receive objects. In such raids we can't guarantee receiving production for your character.

    3. "The guarantee of slots" (3+, 5+, 7+, etc.) - is available at the order of the option "Master Loot", and number 3+, 5+, 7 +, etc., this quantity of different slots which your character with guarantee will receive during raid. If you order the option "Are Personal Loot" - we can't guarantee quantity of objects which your character will receive during raid.

    3.1. If during raid, more slots drop out, than it is guaranteed that then?

           - It means that you were incredibly lucky and your character will receive all objects which suit him. 

            (some of our clients received to 14 slots for one raid ordering the option "Master Loot").

    3.2. What will be if during raid the character doesn't receive the guaranteed quantity of slots?

            - In that case, your character will be taken in raid next week and will finish to it missing quantity of the slots guaranteed by us. Thus we guarantee that you receive 100% the guarantor of slots on production.

    4. "Priorities" - ordering additional options on priorities to Loot, you with guarantee receive them during raid. Thereby, you as much as possible accelerate process of clothing of your character and his strengthening (it is available for "Master Loot").

    5. "Special conditions" - if on some of the reasons don't suit you our offers, namely, you want to obtain a guarantee for bigger quantity of slots, or to order one or several concrete objects of equipment interesting you for the character, just contact us through an online chat in the right bottom corner or through the following types of communication:

* Skype: Raidline

* E-mail: Google PageRank — — Анализ сайта Auto Web Pinger