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Hello my friend! How are you doing on the classics? You have already increased the levels of your character? Have you learned everything from the coach? What horse do you ride? What? Not enough gold to learn the last level of a basic ability? Tired of riding the world's slowest kodo? After all, getting currency in WoW Classic is a long and exhausting task that requires more than an hour or two of your time. Farming gold is like going to a job you hate, doing something that is disgusting day after day, instead of conquering dungeons and raids, defeating the most evil bosses, or hone your skills in PvP. Tired of entering the game like hard labor? Then this message is dedicated to you! Yes, yes, buddy! Just for you! Sit down comfortably, because now you will learn several ways and tricks how to earn a large amount of gold. And if you take into service everything that is written about here, then you can make a fortune!

Farming on your own WoW Classic Gold difficult and long..

At the very beginning of the game, while your level is still low, you will receive very few copper coins, and in order to get one silver coin, you will need to deal with a whole bunch of enemies and collect as many as HUNDRED copper coins! And in order to collect your first altyn - a gold coin, you will have to deal with a whole army and complete about twenty quests from our allies in the capitals or small towns of your faction. Hence all the problems with the lack of game currency. Yeah .. Everything is like in real life, buddy .. Of course, you can ask your friends or random passers-by, but you are a super cool mega-hero, and you can't beg! It is so?!)  wow classic gold, wow classic gold for sale, classic wow gold, goblin
What to do when there is no desire to farm gold or simply do not have enough time for this business?
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5 tips for farming WoW Classic Gold (mini-guide):

⟦1⟧ To begin with, I recommend that you do not disdain and collect all the loot from the killed monsters. All loot is distributed according to quality: any trash and garbage are indicated in gray, low quality items are green, rare items are blue, and epic items are purple. The coolest thing that only you can see in the loot collection window is the coolest LEGENDARY items, they are signed in orange! And this is the first way that you will come across, it is called "grind". This is the lowest lucrative way of earning money, the so-called chernukha, the same as collecting bottles in real life or twisting wires. You won't earn much and will spend a lot of time that can be used more rationally! This method is definitely not for you! Let's leave that for those who have not found this article (and will not find it! After all, I am writing it especially for you, buddy!). Something from the found, which has even an insignificant value, can be put up for auction, which is in every capital of your faction. We sell something completely worthless (usually these are items of gray quality) to the first merchant we come across (when you hover the mouse cursor over such a character, a handbag or an anvil will appear, you can even repair your equipment!).
⟦2⟧ The next way to make money is through the auction. Here you can put up lots for sale - any items that you have in your backpack (of course, except for personal ones). I highly recommend that before placing a lot, check its value with the vendor. Selling things at an auction at a price that is below cost is a very dubious undertaking. In the future, if you choose this method as the main one, you will have to thoroughly study the market and you can simply buy items at bargain prices and sell them with your wrap. Virtual entrepreneurship!
⟦3⟧ If you are a real hard worker and you are bored all day looking for something cheaper to sell at a higher price - then here is the next way! Professions! There are a lot of them and you can choose only two main and three minor ones. The main professions can be divided into two categories: gathering and manufacturing (crafting). Collective mining includes: mining (mining), herbs (herbalism), hides and leather (skinning or flaying). No less exhausting method, but in contrast to grinding, more profitable. There are two ways of realizing sales from professions: selling directly collected reagents, or making more powerful items from them (using crafting professions) with further sale at auction. You can create both armor and weapons for your future greatest victories, hot battles, or just look stylish. Also, with the help of crafting, you will learn how to apply the strongest enchantments that give an undeniable advantage in battle, or brew excellent potions to make your hero stronger, more agile or more enduring, design and invent powerful grenades, explosives and other cunning devices. All of this can be sold at auction. And if you identify the most demanded positions, you can organize your business. It is considered a great idea to buy reagents for further processing in one of the professions with subsequent resale. Please note that the cost of the initial reagents should in no case exceed the amount from the sale of the finished product. After all, you want to earn, and not spend even more coins and free time. Enchanting is one of the most sought-after and lucrative professions in WoW, so I think the best option is to create an alternate character for boosting an enchant. After all, all BoEs are suitable for spraying - items that can be easily sent by mail from the main character. Also, the alternate character is another additional bank for storing things that can be profitably sold later (for example, during the transitional phases before the release of new content and the raid).
⟦4⟧ I would also like to highlight the secondary professions, which include fishing, cooking and first aid. Tired of conquering dungeons and killing endless streams of mobs and bosses? Do you want to take a break, enjoy the peace and quiet? Spend these minutes for the benefit of yourself and your wallet. Bring your character to the pond, light a fire, make yourself comfortable on the shore and cast your fishing rod. Absolute peace and tranquility. And then sell the caught fish at an auction, or process it on the hearth for cooking, salt, season with aromatic spices and boldly display your culinary masterpiece for sale - there will be no end to those who want to buy delicious and nutritious dishes.
⟦5⟧ Another kind of grind, when you pumped up your character, equipped him with the latest fashion equipment, but at the same time you do not want to bother with professions and auctions. Go through the dungeons! In dungeons, you can get more valuable and expensive loot, as well as more gold than in the open world. Stable and simple earnings for all times. Do not miss the chests that are found in dungeons and in any other area - they are guaranteed to contain valuable items and reagents. In chests and loot from mobs, you can find cloth, which is extremely valuable and important. In addition to selling at an auction, it is possible to find a regular buyer who will buy all your cloth for his needs.

Auxiliary TOP-5 add-ons for capital building:

  • Auctionator ➨ simplifies the use of the auction due to a clear, accessible, concise presentation of lots. It will help you find the best prices for the positions you are looking for. Displays the cost of an item when sold to a vendor, at an auction, or the price of reagents when it is sprayed. Keeps a history of pricing as well as a chronicle of purchases and sales. Contains many settings, filters for faster placement and withdrawal of lots.
  • TradeSkillMaster (TSM) ➨ allows you to quickly place multiple lots, or cancel sales according to a specific filter. Promotes fast mailing and mailbox cleaning. Calculates crafting costs accurately.
  • Gatherer ➨ addon for gathering professions. Remembers under which tree you have ever plucked a piece of grass and under which bush you dug ore. Based on these data, it allows you to draw up the optimal route for the farming of resources
  • Vendor Price ➨ addon that shows the selling price of an item to a vendor or auction. Shows the price per unit and per stack of items.
  • Scrap Junk Seller ➨ addon that sells all gray items from bags when you visit a merchant. 

Information for those wishing to work with us:

We work honestly! Game currency obtained by dishonest or fraudulent means is not subject to payment! In our ranks there are only proven and proven sellers. Game nicknames and other information about buyers is strictly confidential, it is not subject to publicity and use for personal purposes. Violation of these rules leads to termination of cooperation and inclusion in the black list. Protection Status Google PageRank — — Анализ сайта Auto Web Pinger