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Nymue, Weaver of the Cycle

  • 02-12-2023

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Nymue, Weaver of the Cycle Guide + Tactics

Nymue, Weaver of the Cycle is a specific and highly dangerous boss, ranking sixth on the list among all bosses in Amirdrassil, the Dream's Hope fantasy raid.

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General information:

  • For fighting this boss, it is best to choose talents for fighting a single opponent
    (Mobs will come out during a boss fight, but they only appear when the boss is immune to taking damage from magic and physical damage).
  • Before the battle begins, you must divide all raid participants into two autonomous groups (50/50).
  • It makes the most sense to use Heroism / Bloodlust from the first second of the boss battle.
  • The fight with this boss is cyclical. First the main phase starts, after that the transition phase starts (you need to kill mobs), and then everything repeats again, and so on in a circle until the boss is killed.

List of abilities

Title Description Explanation of "What to do?"

Stage one: Rapid Iteration

Verdant Matrix Translucent green threads appear during combat. Crossing these threads causes a small amount of instant damage, as well as a negative effect with periodic damage (cumulative). You can't stand in threads and cross threads with each other.
Impending Loom The boss creates magic threads that move at low speed. When they come in contact with a character, they stun the player and deal instant damage and debuff with a small periodic damage. Laser strips that move across the battlefield, stunning players. It is necessary to avoid contact with these threads.
Ephemeral Flora Mythic: The boss summons temporarily living sprouts at a random location. The plants explode 10 seconds after sprouting, dealing 333k damage to characters every second for 30 seconds.
Characters standing in the place where the plants are spreading - suppress their power by 0.2% once every 0.5 seconds.
Harmful, ever-increasing in size puddles.
If these puddles are not absorbed quickly, then they will kill all raid members. From observation, for a successful soak, 3 or better yet 4 characters should be assigned. If the characters absorb damage, then damage will pass through the raid members, but it will be negligible.
Reclamation Mythic: The boss absorbs the energy of plants or Ephemeral Flora. This action results in an explosion that deals 624k damage in a 10 meter radius. After Puddles (Ephemeral Flora) is absorbed, there is an explosion within a 10 meter radius.
Characters need to move away from the epicenter of the explosion to a safe distance.
Surging Growth Raging vapors emerge from beneath the ground, dealing 19k damage to characters every 2 seconds for one minute. Over the course of its existence, it deals approximately 570k damage to players from the forces of nature.
Players standing on growth suppresses the development of parasols, thereby significantly shortening their duration.
Mythic: Works Reclamation.
Small puddles that need to be soaked. In order to absorb a puddle, the character needs to step into it.
Mythic: after absorption, move 10 meters away.
Viridian Rain (Healer) The boss causes green-colored shards to fall from the sky. The shards rain down on characters' heads, dealing 266k damage. The action lasts for 6 seconds, dealing intermittent damage every 1.5 seconds. It is necessary to actively heal raid members, if necessary you can use mass defense abilities.
The starting rate is approximately once every 30 seconds.
Weaver's Burden (Tank) The boss grows a malicious, explosive seed inside his target. After a short period of time, the seed explodes, inflicting an Inflorescence, effect on its target, dealing 83k damage every second in a 12 meter radius for 12 seconds. The tank carries the bomb as far away as possible. Tank and 2 fighters take out large puddles, leaving behind Barrier Blossom.
When returning, the tank spills puddles of Inflorescence beneath it, which allows it to walk through walls without debuff.
Try not to block your way to Treants or put barriers on the flowers for soaking.
Inflorescence Puddles that allow you to move through Verdant Matrix. This increases movement speed by 60%, but does not deal damage. Lasts for 2 seconds. Grass puddles on the floor, left behind by players who took out Barrier Blossom.
If such a puddle lies beneath the Verdant Matrix wall, you can walk painlessly in that spot.
Woven Resonance (Tank) Heroic / Mythic: Summoning effect. For 20 seconds, increases the amount of damage you take from the forces of nature for 20 seconds.  
Barrier Blossom Heroic / Mythic: Repels approaching characters while dealing 90k damage from the forces of nature. Large flower puddles, repel characters, it is impossible to walk through these puddles.
Threaded Blast (Tank) The boss attacks the character with a beam, dealing 623k magic damage and 997k physical damage. Powerful defense abilities can be used if needed.

Stage Two: Creation Complete (transitional phase)

Full Bloom After gaining 100 energy, the boss releases a stream of energy. The energy stream deals 914k damage to characters within a 16 meter radius, while inflicting Inflorescence on affected characters.
Summons Cycle Warden for a total of 2 units.
Mythic: additionally summons a creature called Manifested Dream.
Inflorescence The mechanics and operation of this ability are completely similar to the first phase of combat. The mechanics and principle of interaction with this ability are completely similar to the first phase of combat.
Unravel The boss deals 124k damage to all characters once every 3 seconds, while increasing the next time the Unravel ability deals damage to characters by 10%. Cumulative effect. Stacking AoE damage, must be survived using powerful mass defense abilities.

With each transition phase, accelerates the use of "Viridian Rain" and "Surging Growth" abilities.

Boss minions (mobs)

Cycle Warden (26M Health in Mythic)

Life Ward Reduce absolutely all damage received by the boss by 99%. As long as Cycle Warden is alive, the boss takes 99% less damage. You need to kill it as quickly as possible.
Lumbering Slam Heroic / Mythic: A powerful sector strike that deals 2.4M damage to all characters facing the mob. Don't stand in the face of a mob.
Surging Growth The mechanics and operation of this ability are completely similar to the first phase of combat. The mechanics and principle of interaction with this ability are completely similar to the first phase of combat.
Radial Flourish A periodically appearing pattern that deals 707k damage to characters in its path. Periodically, puddles of damage appear under Cycle Warden's feet.
Verdant Rend (Tank) When crossing Verdant Matrix, deals 2.4M damage. Each subsequent crossing of Verdant Matrix, increases the damage by 100%. Cycle Warden must not be allowed to cross the walls of Verdant Matrix.

Mythic: Manifested Dream (12M health) enters the fray.

Waking Decimation Stores energy for 30 seconds and then instantly deals 4.1M damage to each character. This is a killer mechanic, leads to the imminent death of all raid members.
Lucid Miasma A vortex of energy appears around Manifested Dream, dealing 25k damage in a 30 meter radius, as well as a Lucid Vulnerability effect on characters. Manifested Dream must be accessed in order to be able to deal damage to Manifested Dream. It causes a debuff that lasts for 5 minutes.
Lucid Vulnerability The character becomes vulnerable to Lucid Miasma damage for 12 minutes. Each use increases Lucid Miasma damage to the character by 1000%. The debuff deals 83k damage every second.
This damage can be tolerated, but if it's very difficult, then use mass defense abilities to make it easier for players to heal.
Dream Exhaust Strike dealing 415k damage from the forces of nature. Cone strike in 4 directions, must be dodged.

Tips on tactics:

  • Mythic:
    There is no need for the tank to hold Manifested Dream. To kill it is quite enough to send a group of 4 fighters and 1 healer. This group of players will need to be rotated. By the 4th transition phase, the first group's debuffs will dissipate.
    Tanks always focus only on the boss and Cycle Warden.
    The order is as follows:
    1) Healer 1 / DPS 1 / DPS 2 / DPS 3 / DPS 4;
    2) Healer 2 / DPS 4 / DPS 6 / DPS 7 / DPS 8;
    3) Healer 3 / DPS 9 / DPS 10 / DPS 11 / DPS 12;
    4) Healer 4 / DPS 13 / DPS 14 / DPS 1 / DPS 2.

Useful information:

  • (Healers) Raiders take flower damage almost constantly. Three rains per phase. Transitional phase with increasing damage.
  • Warlocks Demonic Gateway ability is renewed under each transitional phase.
  • To minimize walking through walls, assign 2 ranged fighters per sector so they can soak up florals.

Battle map and positioning during combat

nymue, nymue weaver of the cycle, boss, cycle warden, manifested dream, map, battle

Boss timings

Heroic (HC) - Boss timers Heroic (HC) - note in MRT format
00:21 Rain {time:00:15} Soak
00:41 Rain {time:00:25} Soak
01:01 Rain {time:00:35} Soak
01:14 Transitional phase {time:00:45} Soak
01:53 Exit {time:00:55} Soak
02:25 Rain {time:01:05} Soak
02:45 Rain {time:01:15} Transitional phase
03:05 Rain {time:00:45,SCC:426855:1} Phase exit
03:18 Transitional phase {time:00:35,SCC:420846:1} Soak
04:02 Exit {time:00:45,SCC:420846:1} Soak
04:34 Rain {time:00:55,SCC:420846:1} Soak
04:54 Rain {time:01:05,SCC:420846:1} Soak
05:14 Rain {time:01:15,SCC:420846:1} Soak
05:28 Transitional phase {time:01:25,SCC:420846:1} Transitional phase
06:12 Exit {time:00:45,SCC:426855:2} Phase exit
06:44 Rain {time:00:35,SCC:420846:2} Soak
07:32 Transitional phase {time:00:45,SCC:420846:2} Soak
    {time:00:55,SCC:420846:2} Soak
    {time:01:05,SCC:420846:2} Soak
    {time:01:15,SCC:420846:2} Soak
    {time:01:25,SCC:420846:2} Transitional phase
    {time:00:45,SCC:426855:3} Phase exit
    {time:00:35,SCC:420846:3} Soak
    {time:00:45,SCC:420846:3} Soak
    {time:00:55,SCC:420846:3} Soak
    {time:01:05,SCC:420846:3} Soak
    {time:01:15,SCC:420846:3} Soak

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