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RAIDLINE: Леонид 20:12 03-23-2018
Все быстро и качественно, лидер на сегодняшнем рынке подобных услуг, проверенно!!!
RAIDLINE: Симб 22:46 03-21-2018
Все сделали быстро и качественно. Поддержка на высоте. Рекомендую
RAIDLINE: Robert 08:25 03-12-2018
Wanted to get Mage tower across 35 specs completed as I am not to good with alt classes/specs. Got all my mage tower quests completed within the day of them starting. Was a little worried about them taking my gold since I have nearly 3 million but that was all there (I actually ended up with more gold and items somehow lol). Other sites wanted to charge me 1000 dollars or 28 dollars per spec. Got a great deal at 400 dollars here or 11.5 dollars per spec. Will prob come back here due to great prices if I need more services =D
RAIDLINE: Zann 20:20 02-27-2018
Очень хорошо все сделали, быстро, без вайпов, если что буду всегда сюда обращаться
RAIDLINE: egis 23:07 02-25-2018
Absolutely recomendet 100 %
RAIDLINE: ZT 22:29 02-24-2018
Second time buying and I bought 3 mage tower challenges this time and they were all finished in less than 20 mins. I also bought a heroic Argus kill and was done on the date and time they told me. Very happy and highly recommend!
RAIDLINE: Patrick Grenon 19:54 02-12-2018
It was my first time using this kind of service to put me fast on track to be able to raid again with my friends. I am more than pleased from the 3 services I got from raidline. The 3 times I got more than expected from the loot results of the run I got. Raid was on time and my account felt secure with the one playing it. I will not hesitate to recommend the services of to my friends or to use their service again. Thank you!
RAIDLINE: Александр 19:53 02-12-2018
Нормальный сайт,всё окей,без проблем получил то,что хотел =)
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