ATTENTION! Due to the become frequent fraud cases, we ask to pay special attention that for work with us it isn't REQUIRED to post bail.
To work with us, you need to fill out the application and to send it to our address. Following order:
* Decide on desirable work (the list of vacancies lower).
* Fill an application form (an example lower).
* Send the completed application to us to E-mail: in a message subject - "On work (specify a game)". 
* Term of consideration of the application up to 14 days. The option soon of consideration of the application within 12 hours, in more detail HERE is provided
Application form:
* you Enter the real name + a game nickname.
* the Name of a game in which you want to work. 
* Describe the opportunities and achievements in a game.
* Leave the contact information (Skype and others).
* Write why it is favorable to us to work with you.
To suppliers:
We buy game currency in many online games. 
 Contact us by means of E-mail: or Skype: raidline
We look for partners on platforms of YouTube and Twitch, owners of the subject websites and persons interested to earn.
* We are ready to cooperate with channels YouTube, Twitch, the subject websites and social groups actively.
* We are at the moment ready to pay both the incoming traffic, and a monthly fee on your resources (banners/link).
* Address operators of the website for obtaining more detail information.
Are always necessary to us:
* Suppliers of game currency in online games (constants).
* The active and talented players possessing the considerable achievements in games.
* Skillful organizers of game process and groups of people.
* The people who are wishing to earn on the ideas, but not having the untwisted and reliable partner. 
In return we guarantee: 
* Existence of orders and full-time employment.
* Timely payment in payment service providers: PayPal, Skrill, Qiwi, Webmoney, YandexMoney.
* Amount of remuneration depends on order value.
Relevant vacancies. Distant work. Work at home. 
Vacancy "Sales manager"
Tasks: Consultation of clients. Booking.
* Age 18+ years, existence of the passport.
* Diagram of operation: 8-10 hours a day, of 5 days a week, 1-2 days off at will. 
* Experience in sales of 1 year.
* Literacy. Written and speech Russian without errors.
* Knowledge of English: the requirement on the website the level of language is not lower than advanced on FCE/IELTS/TOEFL.
* Diversity. You shall understand our assortment and the provided games.
* The salary from $600 a month, the system of bonuses and charges.
Operation in games. Relevant for drivers (to perform tasks alone) and guilds / statik (team working).
Requirements for all candidates:
* Existence of Skype and contact phone or similar methods of communication for communication with you.
* An age from 18+ years + existence of the pasort (exceptions on an age in case of improbable progress and up to 18 years are possible).
* Stable communication (not to disappear). 
* Responsibility and sense of duty. 
* Decency (not to take away clients at the project) and not to harm reputation of service. 
Vacancies in World of Warcraft: 
* Suppliers of gold on RU/EU and USA servers. 
* Guilds / statics the mastered relevant raids of the current content, persons interested to increase the income.
* RLY and people capable to collect and organize other players for execution of mass achievements.
* The arena the players capable to execute achievements in 2х2/3х3/5х5, the titles "Gladiator", etc.
* RBG the raids ready to execute orders 2200/2400/2700, the Hero of an alliance/horde and other. 
* Solodrivers: fast pumping of characters, knowledge of all quests, knowledge of all achievements, etc. (The requirement from 17000 achivpoint on the account). 
* If you are ready to offer unique service which is not provided at us on the website, safely write us, we will post it on the website and we will work with you. 
Vacancies in World of Tanks: 
* Rating of the bronesayt ( 12.000 above. 
* The average level on technique of the 10th level - 3k + (drums 3.5k +).
* Percent of victories on the account 65+, on technique of the 10th level 65+. Age restriction - 18 years. 
Vacancies in Dota2: 
* Players with SOLO MMR rating 5500-7000 and above, for a raising solo ratings. 
* Players with TEAM MMR rating 5500-6000 and above, for a raising of command rating.
* Trainers for training in a game of clients. Players with SOLO MMR 6000+ and a big baggage of knowledge of Dota2. 
* Ability and experience to calibrate accounts in solo and command the modes with maximum efficiency.
Vacancies in Overwatch:
* Players with rating 3500 and above. 
* Ability and experience of calibration of accounts with the maximum result. 
Vacancies in HearthStone: 
* A rank the Legend for the last several months.
* Players with experience of the bust of accounts to a rank the Legend. 
* Trainers for training in the client's game, ability to inform of the experience and subtleties of game process to the trainee.
Vacancies in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive:
* Existence of personal rating - one of elite. 
* Experience in a raising of ratings to The Global Ellite.
* Ability to undergo calibration with the maximum results. 
Vacancies in League of legends: 
* The players capable to pump over accounts in League of Legends to the Diamond level.
* For training in a game players with experience of the game Diamond Division are required, with well delivered speech and ability it is productive to inform of the thoughts and experience to the trainee. 
* Players for a nabitiya of IP glasses and other game services. 
Vacancies in StarCraft 2: 
* The players with experience of a game in GrandMaster to league having experience in a MMR account raising.
* For training in a game players with experience of a game in GrandMaster to league are required, with well delivered speech and ability it is productive to inform of the thoughts and experience to the trainee. 
Vacancies in Heroes of the Storm: 
* Players with a rank of Diamond and experience of pumping of accounts to a rank Platinum above.
* Solodrayvera for execution of in-game events and receiving achievements.
Vacancies in ArcheAge: 
* Suppliers of game currency.
* The players having extensive experience in a game and its aspects: in pumping of characters, achievements, etc.
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