World of Warcraft ➧ Game Time - 30 Days

World of Warcraft ➧ Game Time - 30 Days

We can help you extend your game time for 30 days on the official WoW servers. This offer is valid ..

World of Warcraft ➧ Game Time - 60 Days

World of Warcraft ➧ Game Time - 60 Days

In our online store we sell the cheapest game time in WoW for 60 days (2 months). Game time extensi..

World of Warcraft ➧ Game Time - 90 Days

World of Warcraft ➧ Game Time - 90 Days

Extend your game time for your WoW account by 90 days (only for official servers World of Warcraft)...

World of Warcraft ➧ Game Time - 120 Days

World of Warcraft ➧ Game Time - 120 Days

We sell a service that adds 120 days of game time on the official servers WoW. This offer is perfec..

World of Warcraft ➧ Game Time - 150 Days

World of Warcraft ➧ Game Time - 150 Days

Service of adding +150 days (5 months) of game time to your World of Warcraft account. Offer is ava..

World of Warcraft ➧ Game Time - 180 Days

World of Warcraft ➧ Game Time - 180 Days

This service will help you add +180 days (6 months) of game time in World of Warcraft. This offer i..

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Game Time

In our online store you can buy game time extension on official WoW servers much cheaper than it is sold by the developers of the game.
We help gamers to extend game time in World of Warcraft on official RU, EU and US WoW servers. We guarantee fast delivery of all goods!

Game Time for World of Warcraft

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We will help everyone to play WoW!

In our online store you can buy game time in World of Warcraft at a favorable price! We offer the opportunity to buy game time cheaper than the official developers of the game. This is a great opportunity to save money and continue enjoying your gaming adventures in WoW.

We guarantee that the process of game time extension in WoW sold on our website is 100% legal. We use only permissible and legal methods to extend game time in World of Warcraft. Buying game time from us, you can be sure of its reliability.

Do not miss the opportunity to buy game time in World of Warcraft at an attractive price! Discover the fascinating world of WoW and choose on our website the offer that best meets all your needs. Enjoy endless hours of game play in WoW without overpaying and save your money!
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WoW Game Time

Game time was invented by the developers of World of Warcraft in order to receive monetary profit from users who play the game they invented called World of Warcraft. The introduction of such a condition is also due to the fact that the game must be regularly maintained, as well as improved and, of course, finalized to the ideal state, while developing the storyline of the game. All of the above actions are necessary to keep users interested in World of Warcraft. Thus, users pay for game time, and the game developers get all the necessary financial resources for the development of their commercial project.

Game time is necessary for everyone to play WoW!

Can I play without game time?

Having active game time on your account is a prerequisite for playing WoW on official World of Warcraft servers. Without active game time you will not be able to enjoy all the delights of playing in World of Warcraft. Only the presence of active game time allows you to fully enjoy all the charms of the current version of the game. Of course, without game time you can play free trial character on the official WoW servers, but this is not what players really want to get from playing World of Warcraft. The full potential of the game is only unlocked for those players who have active playtime on their account.

Enjoy playing your favorite version of WoW with the help of RaidLine!

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How do I extend game time?

There are many different ways to extend game time in World of Warcraft. But all these ways are much more expensive compared to the prices that our store offers. Only in the online store from the boosting company RaidLine you can favorably order an extension of game time in WoW for your game account at the lowest prices. The management of RaidLine guarantees that on our site the cheapest game time in the entire Internet. In addition, we guarantee that the gold we supply for game time extension is mined using honest methods. This means that your account is in no way at risk during such a transaction.

Our prices are the lowest, even lower than the official WoW developers!

WoW in the modern world

Online games for the modern man, it is an opportunity to forget about all the problems and worries of real life for a while. It is a way to escape from the troubles of real life, through immersion in a unique meta-universe. World of Warcraft allows the user to discover a new and fascinating fairy tale world, in which at every step of the gamer awaits unexpected challenges and new exciting adventures. In the game reality, the player decides how to develop his character, and also independently chooses what business to do. The meta universe allows the average person to become a tough raid leader or a glorified gladiator in PvP. That to play in WoW on the official servers need to have an active game time, and you can buy it right now in our online store.

Do not deny yourself the pleasure, immerse yourself in WoW right now!

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The importance of playing WoW

Many people do not even realize how important it is to play online games. For some WoW is an opportunity to relax and get away from problems, and for others it is a world in which you can realize their most extraordinary desires, leadership ambitions or achieve incredibly high results. World of Warcraft is not just an online game, it is a real realm in which the forces of good and evil are fighting, as well as boiling passions and the birth of new legends of cybersport. Purchasing game time on our site, will allow you to get closer to this fascinating world and plunge into a fabulous fantasy world for a long time.

Play to become better and stronger in all aspects of life!

It's not good without World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is the number one MMORPG in the world for a reason. WoW is truly a cult game that unites millions of people from all over the world into one gaming community. The fantasy universe called World of Warcraft is quite diverse. Therefore, playing WoW, everyone finds something special, just what he needs. Someone fights with bosses in raids and dungeons, someone organizes battles against other players, and someone just tames mounts or pets, boosting professions or goldfarming.

Without WoW in real life is very boring and there is simply nothing to do.

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Our advantages

The main advantage of our online store is that we are always customer-oriented. Our website has been operating since 2015, which is a testament to our vast experience in the gaming industry. We know exactly what our customers need and when they need it! In addition, we perfectly understand that the quality of our service should be the best, delivery as fast as possible, and prices affordable for every average World of Warcraft player. Understanding all of the above and based on our vast experience, we create the most favorable offers for customers of our store. 

We know exactly what you need - we are always fast, high quality and cheap!

7 reasons to buy from us

Below in the article, we have prepared for you 7 main factors that testify to the high quality and reliability of the products and services we sell:
1. Reliability - our website has been operating since 2015.
2. Security - we use only legal methods.
3. Anonymity - your information is fully classified.
4. Loyalty - regular customers get discounts.
5. Friendliness - support staff are pleasant to talk to.
6. Speed - we deliver goods as fast as possible.
7. Cheapness - we have the lowest prices on the Internet.

Smart people buy game time and other goods only from RaidLine!

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Description of goods

At the moment in our online store are available 6 current offers aimed at extending game time in WoW for gold on the official servers of World of Warcraft:
1. Game Time +30 days (1 month);
2. Game Time +60 days (2 months);
3. Game Time +90 days (3 months);
4. Game Time +120 days (4 months);
5. Game Time +150 days (5 months);
6. Game Time +180 days (6 months).

The more game time you order, the lower the final price!

The essence of the trade offer

The essence of our trade offer is that we deliver to our customers the amount of game gold equivalent to the value of the WoW Token at the time of ordering. At the same time, it is very important to note the fact that we deliver gold where it is favorable to our store for a particular period of time. Thus, the client can not independently choose the server and/or faction where the gold will be delivered to him. After successful payment of the order, our managers inform the buyer: game add-on and server, as well as the faction where the delivery will be realized. Delivery is realized in the main capitals of the Horde and Alliance. At the same time, given the fact that the price of the token is constantly changing, immediately after receiving the currency you need to buy a Token WoW as quickly as possible, before the price has not had time to change. We always give a little more gold than necessary, but this is insurance valid for 5-10 minutes.

Be sure to read the description of our offer, it is very important!

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Is it safe?

The function of extending game time for gold on official World of Warcraft realms is implemented in WoW directly by its developers. This means that by actually converting gold into game time you are not violating anything. In addition, we are well aware that you may have a legitimate question that this is not your gold and it was delivered to you. Especially to answer this question and its possible similar variants and wording, we have prepared a comprehensive answer for you in the section "Our Guarantees". After carefully reading and studying our warranty statement, you will realize that it is 100% safe and you risk absolutely nothing.

It is 100% safe for all customers of our online store!

Our guarantees

First of all, we would like to emphasize that all gold delivered by us to extend playing time is mined only and exclusively by legal methods, without the use of bugs, bots or any other prohibited methods. In addition, the delivery of gold is always carried out from different suppliers and from different game accounts in different ways. This approach excludes any possibility of revealing the fact that you have purchased gold for real money. This solution allows you to level all the risks, as well as gives a 100% guarantee of safety for each of our customers.

We guarantee 100% protection and security for all accounts!
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Who can buy?

Considering the fact that to extend the playing time we deliver to our clients game gold. For which they subsequently buy WoW Token, and through its use extend their game time on the official servers of World of Warcraft. This offer is available only for those customers who have at least 24 hours of active game time on their WoW account at the time of payment. In 96% of cases we deliver all items within the first 5-10 minutes, but no one is immune to force majeure, so in the terms and conditions we make the requirement of 24 hours. This is a formality, developed by us to a greater extent to protect ourselves in case of unforeseen force majeure situations.

Goods from this category are not available to everyone, but only to some players!

How to buy game time?

To buy an extension of game time on the official RU, EU and US servers of World of Warcraft you need to make certain actions. You need to choose from the list of products offered on our website the offer you need, decide on the quantity of goods and then click the "Buy" button. After performing this action you will be redirected to the cart of our online store to go through the checkout procedure. In the process of placing an order you will need to fill out the information in all fields, and then proceed to the direct payment of goods. If for some reason you do not fit our proposed payment methods, then contact our support team. Our consultants will try to solve this problem and help you to make payment in a convenient way for you.

Make easy and pleasant purchases for your favorite game on RaidLine!

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Order placement

In our online store absolutely every visitor can quickly and easily pay for the product or service he needs. Order placement and payment of its cost are carried out literally in a few clicks. We specially removed unnecessary forms of filling out, so that you do not waste your time in vain. After successfully paid order, you need to contact the consultants of our store via online chat (located in the lower right corner of the site) or via e-mail or messengers specified in the contact section. This is necessary in order to discuss with you all the necessary nuances, and then assign a specific time of delivery of goods.

Place your first order for RaidLine in a few clicks right now!


The speed of delivery is directly dependent on many different factors. For example, the time of purchase, the number of items you ordered or other unforeseen circumstances. However, 96% of all deliveries are made within 5-10 minutes of payment. In case of unforeseen circumstances, we guarantee that we will deliver all the items you have purchased within 24 hours of receiving your payment. We understand how important it is for you to get the goods quickly, so we do our best to make sure that you quickly get what you paid your money for.

We guarantee the fastest possible delivery of goods to every customer!

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Instructions and recommendations

Considering the fact that the cost of WoW token has high volatility. Immediately after you receive gold from us to buy a WoW token, you need to get to the auction as quickly as possible and buy a WoW token in the in-game auction. If you are unable to do this within 5 minutes, then there is a very high risk that the value of the token will change. In such a case, we will not be able to guarantee you the ability to deliver additional gold to buy the token at a higher rate. Taking into account all of the above, we ask you to approach this issue as responsibly as possible, so as not to create unpleasant situations for both parties of this transaction.

Do all actions very quickly and then you will definitely succeed!

Do you need counseling?

If, after reading all the information published in this article, you have additional questions or would like to receive a more detailed answer to a question or a situation already described earlier. Then please contact the staff of our website for consultation. Our managers will be happy to answer all your questions and help you understand any unclear situation. To contact the support of our site, you can write us via online chat (which is located in the lower right corner of the site), send us an e-mail or via messengers specified in the contacts. Please pay special attention to the fact that our support does not work 24/7, but only at the specific time specified in the contact information.

Our employees are always ready to help you not only in word, but also in deed!

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Value formation

The main criterion for the formation of the cost of goods related to the extension of playing time is the real market value of gold. That is why we deliver gold to you every time on different servers and every time in a new faction. This is a forced measure, which unfortunately we can not influence. At the same time, this is the only opportunity to help you extend your playing time on the official servers of World of Warcraft at the lowest price, which is even lower than the developers of the game. We adjust the price of all items every day so that our customers can buy at the lowest prices.

We sell the cheapest game time extension in WoW in the whole world!

You can help everyone play WoW

You may have never even thought about it, but millions of players are overpaying money to play World of Warcraft. It's all because they don't know about our site, and they have to buy goods and services several times more expensive than their real value. Among such people there is definitely someone from your close friends, just acquaintances or maybe even from your family members. Tell all the gamers you know about our site, it will add a plus to your personal karma and significantly increase the online number of players who will be able to play World of Warcraft without restrictions.

Together we can increase the number of players in WoW!

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Reviews are a measure of the quality of services and products, as well as useful information for those who for some unknown reasons are still in doubt about whether to make a purchase or not. Studying real reviews helps to get acquainted with the project even before the actual interaction. The top management of RaidLine online store understands how important it is for you to read only real and 100% reliable reviews. That's why we ask our customers to write reviews on independent review sites. That every visitor to our website can fully familiarize with the true information.

The reputation of the RaidLine project is pure and flawless - this is proved by the reviews!

Gift from RAIDLINE

Despite the fact that our site sells the cheapest game time for World of Warcraft. And our prices are the lowest among all existing stores in the gaming industry. We want to give our website visitors a small, but very nice bonus. The administration of the RaidLine project will give you a -5% discount on the purchase of gold, as well as any goods and services from our assortment related to the passage of dungeons and raids, as well as PvE and PvP rating boost. Be sure to take advantage of our offer, it will allow you to save money and at the same time get exactly what you need at a more favorable price for you.

To get a discount in our store, use coupon: RAIDLINE

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