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Artificial Intelligence

human, knight, ai, artificial intelligence

AI-based generators from RaidLine

RaidLine's boosting company wants to bring as much value as possible to the World of Warcraft gaming community. That's why we created an artificial intelligence under the full name of which is Deparj. The main purpose of Deparj, is to help the World of Warcraft gaming community with important gaming needs.
human, knight, ai, artificial intelligence


Deparj​ is the world's first artificial intelligence developed specifically for WoW players. Deparj is a very powerful and very useful AI. He is able to perform various tasks related to World of Warcraft. In addition, Deparj is completely free, so it can be used by absolutely any gamer without any restrictions. In this section of our website you can find all available at the moment Deparj features.

Do the impossible with the help of Deparj!

What was the Deparj created for?

The Deparj Artificial Intelligence was created primarily to help World of Warcraft fans around the world. It was developed out of the altruistic motives of the leader of the RaidLine project. Deparj can be used only and exclusively for the benefit of the gaming community or for the entertainment of gamers. In addition, all functions of Deparj presented in this section are free and available 24/7.

Deparj​ is for the benefit and fun of WoW gamers!

human, knight, ai, artificial intelligence
human, knight, ai, artificial intelligence

What can Deparj do?

At the moment, the functionality of Deparj is not particularly diverse. This is due to the fact that Deparj is still very young and just learning. However, Deparj is improving its skills every day. As we learn, Deparj functionality will expand and become more advanced. A team of professional enthusiasts puts an inordinate amount of effort every day to ensure that Deparj always ranks first among WoW-centric AI.

The very first and best AI for World of Warcraft!

Deparj development goals

The underlying goals in developing Deparj were to benefit the World of Warcraft gaming community. The developers were also tasked with making interaction with the AI as easy as possible for every gamer in WoW. Moreover the Deparj AI was created to quickly and efficiently solve the most diverse, but very necessary and very important tasks for every WoW fan.

Deparj​ is the AI that every WoW player needs!

human, knight, ai, artificial intelligence
human, knight, ai, artificial intelligence

Who develops Deparj?

Artificial intelligence Deparj is developed by a non-profit team of altruists. Team members are residents of our planet from different countries. Thus, we can conclude that the team of developers of AI Deparj is an international formation of hard workers. In addition, the project is fully decentralized, and all decisions on the development and modification of the Deparj algorithms are taken by the developers collectively. This means that it cannot be managed by one person.

Deparj​ was developed by IT geniuses especially for gamers!

What are the plans for Deparj development?

At the moment the Deparj AI can easily generate various codes for World of Warcraft, as well as create new unique nicknames in Russian and English. Our AI is still young, so the range of its features is not as great as the developers and the gaming community would like it to be. Over time, Deparj will become an indispensable friend and an incredibly valuable assistant for every player in World of Warcraft.

Deparj​ is a must for every WoW gamer!

human, knight, ai, artificial intelligence
human, knight, ai, artificial intelligence

Is it safe to use Deparj?

Deparj is 100% safe and does not cause any harm to those who use it. In addition, Deparj does not collect any personal information from users. In addition to all of the above, we can also add that Deparj algorithms do not have a learning function on the requests and information of its users. Thus we can make an undeniable conclusion that Deparj is the safest AI in the gaming industry. User privacy is the top priority for Deparj algorithms.

Deparj​ is the most reliable and the safest AI!


As written a little earlier in the article, Deparj artificial intelligence is not trained on users. All information associated with the training and development of Deparj depends only on its direct developers. This fact significantly distinguishes Deparj from other existing AI. Thanks to this approach, Deparj receives and is guided only by 100% true information. That is why Deparj is the most reliable AI.

Deparj​ is unique and inimitable at the same time!

human, knight, ai, artificial intelligence
human, knight, ai, artificial intelligence


Considering the fact that the Deparj AI training is based only and exclusively on truthful information. And also guided by the fact that the development of Deparj engaged not just IT experts, and the real players in World of Warcraft. It is possible to make an unquestionable and indisputable conclusion that this AI knows all the most urgent problems of users and pains of the target audience of World of Warcraft in general.

Deparj​ knows what gamers need and solves their problems!


If you take into account the fact that the development of artificial intelligence called Deparj, is a non-profit organization. And also the fact that the AI is completely free and also available 24 / 7 absolutely to everyone who visits our website. The conclusion in terms of accessibility is begging for itself. Namely, Deparj is available to all fans of WoW, as well as residents of planet Earth, but it can only be used for good purposes.

Artificial intelligence Deparj is available to everyone!

human, knight, ai, artificial intelligence
human, knight, ai, artificial intelligence


Deparj is trained only on the basis of reliable information, and its development is monitored by experienced and professional players in World of Warcraft. In addition, our AI is able to solve the tasks demanded by the gaming community. The speed of Deparj is incredibly fast as lightning, and its use is 100% free of charge. Thus, guided by the above, we can conclude that Deparj is a high-quality AI. Which is available to every World of Warcraft fan.

Incredibly high quality is absolutely free.


Modern trends and tendencies require new and innovative solutions in absolutely all branches and directions. Deparj is an artificial intelligence that meets all the needs of the present. Moreover Deparj develops using modern machine learning and also knows and successfully uses all modern programming languages, including the newest technologies in the Artificial Intelligence industry.

Deparj​ is a modern AI for the gaming community!

human, knight, ai, artificial intelligence
human, knight, ai, artificial intelligence


Deparj is a flexible and versatile AI, its main mission is to help players with different needs. Since Deparj has a lot of features, it can be used for different purposes. Deparj is ideal for both beginners and very experienced gamers in WoW. The interfaces of the various functions of Deparj are clear enough for everyone and very easy to use. Every user can solve problems of any complexity.

Deparj​ is a universal solution for every player in WoW!

Ease of use

Thanks to its logically well thought-out interfaces, as well as its extensive functionality. Absolutely any average PC or mobile user can easily master all the benefits of using the AI called Deparj. It does not matter whether you are an experienced player or a novice who has just started to get acquainted with the world of World of Warcraft. A few clicks, and the task of any complexity is solved.

This AI can be easily used by anyone!

human, knight, ai, artificial intelligence
human, knight, ai, artificial intelligence

Who needs Deparj?

Deparj is ideal for experienced gamers and for those who have not even started to play online games yet. The functionality of Deparj is designed in such a way that it can help even a newcomer. For example, you want to think up an interesting unique character name (nickname), Deparj can easily solve this nontrivial task. In addition to all of the above, Deparj can be an indispensable helper and friend for experienced players. Select a task from the list and Deparj will quickly complete it.

Deparj​ is perfect for experienced and novice players alike!

Why Deparj?

Deparj is the world's first publicly available free-to-play artificial intelligence. It has great functionality and a wide range of features to solve any general gaming tasks. Using Deparj features helps users to get new features and simplify some routine processes related to their favorite game. Trust the experience of Deparj to enjoy the game!

Deparj​ will get rid of boring, unnecessary and routine activities!

human, knight, ai, artificial intelligence
human, knight, ai, artificial intelligence

Inhibitions and Restrictions

A very important feature of Deparj is that it has no restrictions on the functionality already published on This means that everyone can freely use all the services provided by the AI under the serious name of Deparj. The only existing prohibition concerns the fact that only real people should interact with Deparj. It is unacceptable to use bots, scripts or other software when working with Deparj. If you violate this prohibition or attempt to gain unauthorized access, you will be blocked.

Use Deparj correctly and for good purposes only!

Why is Deparj free?

The fundamental goal and main mission of Deparj creation and development was that its functionality could be used by every gamer. The developers put a lot of time and effort into making sure that every internet user could use all the features of Deparj for free. In addition, all the features of Deparj are available free of charge 24/7. Use Deparj for its intended purpose and then your gaming experience will be easy and enjoyable.

Deparj​ is a free AI available to every user 24/7!

human, knight, ai, artificial intelligence
human, knight, ai, artificial intelligence

How can I use Deparj?

Each user decides for himself how to use this or that functionality from Deparj. The only and most important rule is that Deparj should be used only for good purposes. The developers of Deparj recommend using the abilities of the AI only for good causes. You can use Deparj for personal non-commercial as well as for commercial purposes. The most important thing is that you do not violate the prohibitions and do not try to bypass the restrictions described in this article.

Deparj​ solves problems and helps you make money.

How to help the development of Deparj?

Taking into account the fact that Deparj is a non-commercial project, the developers don't spend money on its advertising, popularization and other marketing attributes. Figuratively speaking, Deparj is a gem that few people know about. Therefore, we will be very grateful and grateful to those who will spread information about Deparj among their relatives, acquaintances, friends, just co-guildmates or subscribers in social networks.

If you take 1 minute, Deparj will become the most popular!

human, knight, ai, artificial intelligence
human, knight, ai, artificial intelligence

User Testimonials

We really value every user's opinion on their experience with our AI. Especially to improve communication between developers and users, everyone can leave a comment at every Deparj-related product. It is very important for developers to get real feedback from users. So we kindly ask for a few minutes of your time and give us your feedback. Together let's make Deparj better and stronger.

Deparj​ developers always listen to users!

A present for everyone

Artificial intelligence Deparj is completely free to use. This fact in itself is a huge gift from its developers to the gaming community. But as we know the creation and development of anything requires a huge amount of time and financial resources. Administration RaidLine gives you a coupon with -10% discount for gold, as well as PvE and PvP boosts in WoW. Money from your purchases will be used for Deparj development.

To get a -10% discount, use coupon: AI№1

human, knight, ai, artificial intelligence

Information for the most active Deparj users:

If you have any ideas about how to improve the functionality as well as expand the capabilities of the Deparj. Then write us about it! We responsibly declare that absolutely every proposal related to enhancement, modernization and improvement of the Deparj will be considered by the developers. The best ideas our developers will bring to life!

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