Rules for WoW gold suppliers

Rules for gold suppliers in World of Warcraft

Every WoW gold supplier working with us is obliged to learn and follow the rules and regulations we have set forth in this article. This article is a universal and comprehensive guide for gold suppliers on official and free World of Warcraft servers. Regardless of the region (RU / EU / US) you are obliged to fulfill these rules! In case you fail to fulfill and/or violate these rules - we can unilaterally stop working with you.

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Gold Supplier

A gold supplier (goldfarmer) is a player who farms gold in World of Warcraft with the purpose of further realization for monetary profit. Goldfarmer can be absolutely every player, because when farming gold there are no strict requirements to the gamer's skills. Master the profession of goldfarmer can absolutely every person who has stamina and perseverance.
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Working with us

We buy gold on different servers. Mostly these are official US, EU and RU realms, and sometimes free servers. Many goldfarmers dream of working with us. Such a desire is due to the fact that we have a large number of orders, as well as decent and timely payments. We are open for cooperation with residents of different regions and countries. To work with us - you need to follow our rules, written in this guide.

Importance of rules

Clear observance and fulfillment of the rules is very important for building a comfortable long-term and most importantly mutually beneficial relationship. Rules not only help to secure the accounts of suppliers and clients, but also help to resolve any disputable situations. Our rules are simple and clear. We never try to infringe on the rights of suppliers in any way. The rules are designed to simplify and regulate all processes.
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Ways to farm gold

Our most important rule for all suppliers is to farm gold in legal ways. You can sell us gold that you obtained by selling boosting services, from any gathering and crafting professions, as well as from the sale of mounts, pets, equipment and in-game weapons. If your gold is obtained through abuses, bugs, cheats or bots - it is better not to try to sell it to our store.
girl, miner, human, gold supplier, alliance
girl, miner, human, gold supplier, alliance

Where to get orders?

On a regular basis (daily) we publish orders to buy gold in our official messengers. At the moment we use the Telegram channel (this is the main chat), as well as Skype and Discord to post orders.
All orders are published in the format:
US Retail Horde Kazzak - 160000.
Our official contacts:
1) Telegram: raidline_com
2) Skype: raidline
3) Discord: RAIDLINE - write in pm to admin.

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Price formation

In our store prices are formed on the basis of two main factors:
1) Market value of game currency;
2) The cost of buying WoW Token.
Only on the basis of these two factors can we calculate the real cost. At the same time, the gold we supply must be cheaper than the developers of the game sell it - otherwise there will be no point in such a sale. Accordingly, your supplies must provide us with competitive prices.

How do I transfer it?

The method of transferring gold is determined by our buyer when placing an order. This means that you must deliver the currency in the way the customer has chosen - you cannot change the delivery method at your discretion.
Gold transfer methods are:
1) Face-to-face exchange;
2) Issuance through the guild bank;
3) Buying lots at auction;
4) Sending via in-game mail.
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Currency Delivery

Delivery should be done strictly by the method chosen by the customer. The speed of gold delivery should not be more than 10 minutes for methods #1, #2 and #3, and for method #4 the shipment should be made within 15 minutes from the moment you receive your order from our manager.
If you sell us your gold in bulk, then you must put it into our GB within the time frame agreed upon with your manager.
girl, miner, human, gold supplier, alliance
girl, miner, human, gold supplier, alliance

Order reporting

Retail deliveries:
If you are delivering a retail order to a customer that you received from a mailing list, then you will need to take screenshots confirming a successful transfer. Screenshots are uploaded to our website under a unique order number, via a link:
Form for uploading screenshots.
Wholesale Sales:
If you are selling us gold in bulk, then confirmations are not required.

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Importance of proof

You should understand that we require proof of transactions in order to protect ourselves, you and our customers. Proof is necessary for us to completely eliminate and prevent unwanted consequences in the event of bad faith by one of the parties. Some unscrupulous customers try to demand a refund, so we need screenshots confirming the delivery of gold.

Strictly forbidden to:

1. Delivery of gold obtained by using illegal methods.
2. To take an order and refuse delivery.
3. Being rude or insulting to customers.
4. Communicate with customers on topics prohibited by the user agreement.
5. Promote other websites and channels.
6. Add customers as friends and/or try to get their contact information for personal interaction.
7. Independently offer and/or attempt to sell gold or any other goods or services to our customers bypassing our online store.
8. Perform any actions that may harm customers in any way.
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Fines & Sanctions

1. If you forget to make screenshots confirming the transaction - we can freeze the payment for a necessary period of time for our security (depends on the client's payment system) or pay you only 50% of the order value.
2. If you try to sell gold obtained by illegal means - we will refuse to pay you and stop cooperating with you forever.
3. For rude communication with customers fine in the form of 20% of the value of your gold.
4. For advertising, trying to sell something bypassing our website or sabotage - 100% refusal of all payments, termination of cooperation forever and blacklisting you.
girl, miner, human, gold supplier, alliance
girl, miner, human, gold supplier, alliance

Methods of payment

On a regular basis we make payments without commissions, methods:
1. YooMoney (ЮMoney).
2. WebMoney - WMZ only.
3. BinancePay - only USDT.
Additional payment methods:
4. PayPal - currencies: € / $ (the commission depends on the tariffs of the payment system).
5. Bank cards - depends on the country, there may be a transfer fee at your expense. Please check the possibility of payment to bank cards of your country and the amount of commissions with our managers.

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Deadlines for payments

Payments to YouMoney, WebMoney and PayPal - are made by us in 10 minutes after the successful transfer of gold.
Payments via Binance are made within 1-3 days after the transfer of gold.
Payments to bank cards are made within 1-3 days after the transfer of gold, and each bank may have its own terms for processing transactions.
In case of force majeure situations, payment terms may be changed by us without prior notice.

Important information:

We purchase gold only from our official profiles: Telegram - raidline_com (username) / Discord - raidline (username) / Skype - raidline (username).