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Protomoo is the real story of Gladiator

  • 09-07-2024

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Protomoo - the story of a PvP mentor

Hi! My name is Slavik, in WoW I am known under the nicknames: Бикота, Протому and Руикси.

My first experience

My path in World of Warcraft has been quite varied, from the first private WoW Classic servers with broken mechanics, when one character could complete raids and dungeons on his own, to open world PvP and events that practically forced the game's servers to shut down. I've tried PvE and open world PvP as well as Mythic+, except I haven't done RP and pet battles (hopefully I won't, lol).

The Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King

At first I was still raiding and leading raids in PvE, but already with BC and WotLK I was fully into PvP, which I continue to do now. In WotLK my successes were 2,3k+ in 3v3 and 5v5, and I didn't get a bit of rating in 2v2 for the Arena Master rank (when I got 2 warriors with a warlock about 10 times in a row, the desire to play in 2v2 disappeared).

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm

Back then I took High Warlord as a raid leader on RBG, started writing my first guides and got into open world PvP as well as events on the Deathguard server. We fought both raid to raid and formed campaigns on capitals up to 5+ raids. At a time when the alliance was claiming on the forum that they had defeated the horde, we showed them what it was like to have a horde raid every quarter of Stormwind City, and what it was like to have minute lags on every cast and disconnects from the server, because they could no longer handle the load. When PvP in the open world began to bore me, I went to the event of various formats - from races and theatrical marches to the capital of enemies to storming forts for time and so on.

Screenshots of raids on Stormwind City

Before the assault (preparation for a large-scale offensive)

human, pirate, buccaneer, elwynn forest, stormwind city gate human, pirate, buccaneer, elwynn forest, stormwind city gate


Battle outcome (results of Stormwind City infiltration)

stormwind keep, skeletons, corpses, alliance stormwind keep, skeletons, corpses, alliance


Return to WoW

In the following patches I returned to WoW only for a short time, to play the arena, and then stop coming into the game until the next new addition. Seriously returned to WoW only in Battle for Azeroth (BfA) and Shadowlands (SL), where I got the title Gladiator. In the same addon, I tried most of the characters to find variety in World of Warcraft and gain experience playing classes in different talent specializations.

Guides and profiles for addons

At some point I started sharing my experiences in guides, both in general PvP and on individual classes. Now I've switched more to writing profiles for addons with handy CD highlights and ability tryouts, as well as optimizing DPS profiles. In addition, I'm also customizing addons with custom frames for important objects in PvP, like obelisks etc.

Screenshots of my character interfaces

Druid "Feral" (Cat)

Monk "Windwalker" (WW)

druid, dru, cat, feral monk, windwalker, ww

Warrior "Arms"

warrior, arms


My social networks

Now I don't stream and I record videos very rarely, but I'll leave links to my social media for those who are really interested:

YouTube: Emmatagun
Twitch: ProtoMoo
Discord: protomoo_treri_slavik

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