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Tank Rankings in WoW 10.2.6 (Season 4)

  • 30-04-2024

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WoW 10.2.6 Tank Rankings (Season 4)

In this rating, your attention is presented Tier-list of the best and weakest tanks in the fourth game season of WoW 10.2.6. In this article published actual and true ratings of the effectiveness of tanks in PvE content Dragonflight (raids and dungeons Mythic+), and the tanks themselves are located in tables according to the power classifications: S (Meta), A, B and C (better delete).


If you aim to kill all the actual bosses from the mythical raid, then it is best to choose tanks from the S tier. If you are an average player, who is quite enough to kill all bosses in heroic or normal raid modes, then you can play the class you like the most.


Class + Specialization

S 1. Death Knight (Blood)
2. Monk (Brewmaster)
3. Paladin (Protection)
A 4. Demon Hunter (Vengeance)
5. Druid (Guardian)
B 6. Warrior (Protection)


If you want to successfully pass in the timer keys Mythic +25 and above, then you should choose for this purpose DH or paladin. If the limit of your dreams key M+20, then you can choose any class you like. Emphasize on META classes is appropriate only if you are a cyber athlete or booster.


Class + Specialization

S 1. Demon Hunter (Vengeance)
A 2. Paladin (Protection)
3. Druid (Guardian)
B 4. Death Knight (Blood)
C 5. Monk (Brewmaster)
6. Warrior (Protection)


When choosing a class for the role of "Tank", first of all, be guided by common sense and choose the class for which you are pleasant and interesting to play. If you take a META tank, which you will be uncomfortable to play, then in all likelihood you will stop playing WoW. Always remember that World of Warcraft was invented for comfortable and enjoyable pastime, do not throw your favorite character just because he is a little weaker than other classes.


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