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Transporting gold between different servers and factions [All methods]

  • 23-06-2024

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Guide to transporting gold in World of Warcraft

📜 Contents of the guide

  • From one faction to another
  • From one server to another

🌍 Applicability of the guide

  • Current version of World of Warcraft (Retail)
  • All classic WoW add-ons on official game worlds

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How to transfer gold between servers and factions in World of Warcraft

Questions you will get answers to:

  1. How to transfer gold between different servers in WoW.
  2. How to transfer gold from Alliance to Horde and vice versa.

↔️ Methods of gold transportation ↔️


This guide details six working methods by which you can transfer gold on the official World of Warcraft Retail (current version of the game) and WoW Classic servers between different factions and even game worlds.

Way №1 - Exchanging game gold between players

Mutually beneficial trading:

Find a person who is interested in directly exchanging gold with you (for example, you give gold to Gordunni Alliance and get gold to Draenor Horde). This method is the most risky, as there is a chance of being left without gold. It is suitable for those who have trusted friends on another server, which can be 100% trusted. It is not recommended to use this method with unfamiliar players.

Way №2 - Selling lots at inter-faction auctions

This way is suitable for all versions of World of Warcraft, but this method is especially relevant for WoW Classic.

Description of the process:

You need to get to the common auction house, which are located in Tanaris (Gadgetzan) and Stranglethorn Vale (Booty Bay), and after that put the lot on the auction, which later must be bought by the other party to the transaction. Only works between different accounts, you can't place a lot and then buy it back yourself.

Step-by-step actions:

  1. Getting to one of the inter-faction auction houses.
  2. Put an item up for auction (make a note of the item's nickname and name).
  3. Tell the name of the item and your nickname to the person you are transacting with.

Guide how to get a level 1 character in Booty Bay for the Horde and Alliance without Summons.

Way №3 - Reselling pets via auction on different servers

Step-by-step steps:

  1. You buy pets on your server.
  2. Add pets to your collection on your server.
  3. Go to another server and place the pets in a cage.
  4. Sell your battle pets through an auction.

This is a reliable method, but be aware of the differences in prices on different servers. Before committing, make sure you won't lose money on resale.


This method not only allows you to distill gold between factions and servers, but also to make money on reselling pets. Find two servers with different prices for pets (for example, on one the price of 100 coins, and on the other 1000 coins). Buy at 100, sell at 1000, earning the difference of 900 gold per pet. This can be incredibly lucrative, especially with high turnover.

Way №4 - Selling general purpose items through an auction

This category includes all types of food and water, as well as other consumable items such as sockets. Suppose you have gold on the Draenor server for the Horde faction, and a buyer wants gold on the European Silvermoon server for the Alliance. Find a scarce item that is not in the auction and put it up for sale at the right price. For example, the item "Kul Tiran Red" has already been tested and showed positive results.


This method only works in a specific region and can only be used between different WoW accounts. The in-game auction charges a 5% transaction fee.

Way №5 - Transporting gold from one faction to another within the same account

In World of Warcraft Dragonflight, the developers have added the ability to transport gold from one faction to another within the same WoW account. To do this, you simply need to send gold from one character to another via in-game mail.

Way №6 - Directly exchange gold between different servers and factions

In WoW Dragonflight, the developers allowed players to exchange gold with other players regardless of factions and servers.

One faction, but different servers:

To transfer gold to a player from a friendly faction whose character is on a different server, you need to invite that character to the group and then offer them an trade.

Different factions and different servers:

To transfer gold to a character from the opposite faction, you need to first add him to your friends list and then invite him to the group. Then, you need to go with him to a dungeon or raid, where you can start the trade and give him any amount of gold or other in-game items.

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