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How to equip a character in WoW 10.2.6 (Season 4)

  • 29-04-2024

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Quickly equip your character in WoW 10.2.6

A detailed study of all the information presented in this guide will help you learn the basic principles of outfitting in WoW 10.2.5. In addition, this guide will speed up the collection of armor for your character, as well as give you the knowledge you need to properly schedule and prioritize ways to dress your character.

General Information:

  1. In the WoW 10.2.6 update, it is now possible to buy any item from a vendor, even from the last bosses and improve a legendary item. Once purchased, the item is upgraded with special resources up to level 528. Rare equipment items from the last bosses, as well as legendary items, now have a maximum item level of 535. Be sure to take into account this fact, as well as take into account this information when making a "BiS-list" and plan to farm items. Perhaps it makes sense to immediately buy the best items of equipment from the final bosses of mythical complexity. But it is advisable to do so only if you do not soon plan to kill them yourself. Actual equipment and items for transmog, are purchased for special ingots.
  2. Each player gets 1 ingot per week, but no more than the maximum allowed (see chart below). Ingots are mined in raids labeled as "Awakened". Skipping activities in a game week will not prevent you from catching up to the allowed maximum (ingot farming).
  3. Legendary item, immediately after purchase will be level 502, but with the ability to improve to level 535.

Game Activity Calendar

Preparation Week (before the release of 10.2.6):

  1. Improve all items as much as possible.
  2. Finish the weekly quest from Therazal. Starting April 24, the weekly quest from Therazal, will give you sparks. Therazal is an NPC who gives weekly quests for 3000 reputation and is located in the center of Valdrakken near the fountain.
  3. Identify the worst equipment items (below level 486) that you will craft or farm before going raiding. These are non-set items of equipment and jewelry. You will be able to wear one non-set item of level 486 to your character.

The first week of the game season:

First take the weekly quest from Therazal, and only then start doing in-game activities (daily quests, rare mobs, etc.).

  1. From day one of WoW 10.2.6, players will have access to Mythic+ dungeon hikes and all raid modes.
  2. Be sure to visit LFR, in the first wing there is a boss with a token (gloves). Also, the dungeon "Dawn of the Infinite" is available in M+0 mode, here you can easily get level 493 items.
  3. In the first week of 10.2.6, players have access to the Black Temple raid. Be sure to take the weekly quest to go to this raid, there is a chance to get 502 items from the quest chest.
  4. To replace low level items from the old season, you can buy items at the auction or create them yourself with professions.
  5. Be sure to take a weekly quest from Therazal. This NPC gives quests for the open world, according to the active raid. For completing this quest, you will be rewarded with a spark.
  6. Preferably, you should be able to accomplish the following in the first week:
    1) Keystone Master Season 4 (2000 RIO);
    2) 1600 PvP rating points.
    3) Kill all bosses in a raid with heroic difficulty "Awakened".
  7. When buying a set item of equipment for a token, heroic level (522). It is recommended to spend the token only on the second week of the game week, after checking the loot from the Great Vault. It is most advisable to buy a helmet or shoulders with the token, as they are of higher level, and the LFR quarters will not open immediately.

All subsequent game weeks:

  1. Go to LFR, with the goal of obtaining missing tokens and other equipment (until you get something better).
  2. On the third game week, gamers will have access to a quest for 4 mythic dungeons (be sure to complete this quest).

Major changes and innovations:

  1. Completing dungeons on heroic and mythic+0 difficulty, now counts towards Great Vault progress.
  2. Raid loot boxes are now unlocked for killing 2, 4 and 6 bosses.

Currency for improving PvE items:

  1. Currency for equipment upgrades is obtained in the same way as in earlier versions of WoW Dragonflight (quests, chests, rare enemies, dungeons and raids).
  2. The principle of currency exchange for equipment upgrades is completely identical to the system used in WoW 10.2.

Useful graphics for WoW 10.2.6 related to dressing characters

Receiving sparks (indicative)

Obtaining Catalyst Charges

1 24.04.2024 1 24.04.2024
2 08.05.2024 2 01.05.2024
3 22.05.2024 3 08.05.2024
4 05.06.2024 4 15.05.2024
5 19.06.2024 5 22.05.2024
6 03.07.2024 6 29.05.2024
7 17.07.2024 7 05.06.2024
8 31.07.2024 8 12.06.2024

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