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Basuray - the story of a legend

  • 01-07-2024

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Basuray - the story of a legend

The beginning of the journey

Basuray is a legendary figure in the World of Warcraft community, a renowned guide author and blogger who has been impressing players with his achievements for a huge number of years. His journey in WoW began in 2004, and since then he has consistently played as a warrior, making this class his calling card.

Guild Leader and Game Master

Basuray's career path began as the head of the strongest guild on the x1 private server. Thanks to his leadership and strategic thinking, he was able to rally many players around him. He eventually became Game Master on this server, helping to manage the gameplay and understand the mechanics of the game for about a year.

Legendary Battles in The Burning Crusade

The real recognition came to Basuray during the addition of The Burning Crusade. On one private server, as a level 46 warrior, he was able to defeat a level 60 paladin. On another server, playing as a level 63 warrior in the tank specialization, he defeated a level 70 rogue who was equipped for about $1000, while Basuray himself was in plain green gear.

The art of using bugs

During The Burning Crusade, Basuray also proved himself to be a master of finding and exploiting bugs. He discovered many vulnerabilities in the game and, by reporting them to private project managers, received permission to exploit them. This allowed him to kill 50 to 100 opposing faction players in a matter of seconds in arenas and battlefields. While this fact does not color his reputation, it is an integral part of his story.

PvP Triumph in Wrath of the Lich King

During the Wrath of the Lich King add-on on the x1 server, Basuray became a gladiator in the Arms specialization. His 2x2 PvP team, consisting of a warrior (arms) and a priest (discipline), took second place on the server. They fought almost on equal footing with the top 1 team, winning 4 out of 10 matches.

Greatness in Draenor

With the release of the Draenor add-on, Basuray began playing on the official Russian-language World of Warcraft server called Soulflayer in the EU region. His credibility and skills quickly caught the attention of the gaming community. He ran 3-4 raids a day, including normal (nHC), heroic (HC) and mythic raids, and not with a guild, but with random players, which is a much more difficult task.

Challenge Warlord: Gold

During the Draenor era, Basuray also helped other players complete Challenges of Gold. His team handled the challenges with four people, while the fifth (the client) stood AFK and did nothing. This proves Basuray's high level of professionalism.

Mythic dungeons and raids

He also helped other players kill the most difficult bosses and get mounts from mythic raids. In one such raid, he killed Archimonde in heroic mode when there were 20 customers and only 10 boosters in the group.

Switching to boosting Mythic+

Basuray eventually switched to mythic key dungeons (Mythic+), abandoning raids due to their time-consuming nature. He regularly helped inexperienced players pass high Mythic+20 and higher keys on a timer.

Guides and educational content

Basuray started sharing his experience and knowledge by publishing PvE guides for World of Warcraft and Mythic+ high key routes on RaidLine's YouTube channel, as well as writing useful and informative articles about WoW for

Today's Day

Today Basuray plays less often, but continues to be one of the top tank warriors in the Russian-speaking community. Regularly ranking in the top 100 players in the world and top 50 players in Europe in Mythic+ keys in the first two weeks of new patches, he demonstrates his skill and ability to quickly adapt to new content, outperforming those who play WoW on a daily basis.

Basuray's story is inspiring and shows how passion for the game and dedication to one's class can lead to significant achievement and recognition in the community.

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