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Healer Rankings in WoW 10.2.6 (Season 4)

  • 01-05-2024

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Healer Rating in WoW 10.2.6 (Season 4)

In WoW 10.2.6, the mechanics and importance of healers have changed significantly from the previous patch of the game. Some healers became META-classes, and some moved to the very bottom of the hit classification. This article presents the real ranking of healers in WoW 10.2.6 for Raid and Mythic+. This information will help you understand who is the best healer in the fourth season of WoW Dragonflight, and who is the weakest link in this game.


This ranking is based on the highest HPS generated by each class and specialization in WoW 10.2.6 raids. Note that this is a general classification for all healers. This means that the effectiveness and importance, of different classes and specializations, may vary from raid to raid or boss to boss, but in general the ranking looks like this.

Tier List

Class + Specialization

S 1. Evoker (Preservation)
2. Monk (Mistweaver)
3. Priest (Discipline)
A 4. Druid (Restoration)
5. Paladin (Holy)
B 6. Shaman (Restoration)
7. Priest (Holy)

Mythic+ Dungeons:

The classification of healers in the fourth season of WoW Dragonflight, looks exactly as it is presented in the following table. However, depending on the dungeon, affixes, tanks, and team of fighters, the effectiveness and importance of healers may vary slightly.

Tier List

Class + Specialization

S 1. Druid (Restoration)
2. Priest (Holy)
A 3. Monk (Mistweaver)
4. Priest (Discipline)
B 5. Evoker (Preservation)
C 6. Paladin (Holy)
7. Shaman (Restoration)


If you position yourself as a booster or a cyber athlete, then you should definitely focus your attention on META-healers. It is advisable to choose the healer that will suit you specifically for raids or dungeons, because the gradation of their effectiveness in PvE, very much depends on the chosen content. But if you are a regular player, then take the healer that you will be interested in playing. META-Healers are only needed to achieve the highest game progress in World of Warcraft.


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