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How to buy 30 days of game time in WoW without an active subscription [Guide]

  • 23-03-2024

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How to buy 1 month of WoW without subscription

A detailed reading of this guide will help you buy game time in WoW for 30 days (one month), without having an active game subscription on your account in the official versions of World of Warcraft.

General Information:

Some players, for a number of different reasons, can not independently purchase a 30-day subscription (1 month of game time) for their own account on the official server World of Warcraft. The most common problem is faced by gamers from those countries and/or regions whose accounts are subject to restrictions imposed directly by the developers of the game.
Often, such restrictions are imposed for political reasons and / or at the request of financial regulators of a country. These may be sanctions prohibiting the acceptance of payments in a particular currency, as well as prohibitions on cooperation and/or cooperation with a particular state, region, jurisdiction or the entire country.
In addition to all of the above, there is another equally important reason, which is quite common. This reason is due to the fact that on the site of the official developers of WoW, there are very few payment methods available. As a result, some players can not independently order a subscription for one month or replenish the balance of the account.

Detailed Guide

Basic requirements to activate a subscription in WoW for 30 days:

In order to recharge game time in WoW for 30 days, without having an active subscription, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. Your account must not be a free account (trial version of the game).
    On trial accounts, it is not possible to purchase game time for 30 days. If you have a trial version of the game, then you need a special activation code, and these codes are only available for 60 days.
    Profitable to order game time activation for 60 days, you can on our website, at the links: WoW Activation Key for 60 days and WoW Subscription for 60 days.
  2. It is necessary that on your account was purchased the actual game add-on (WoW Retail), or that you have previously paid for a subscription on this account.
  3. On your game account, there must be a character in the game add-on, where the possibility of extending game time with the help of WoW Token is available.

If your account and characters fully meet all the basic requirements, then you can move on to activating your 30 day subscription.

Activation of 30 days of game time in WoW:

  • Adding 30 days subscription in WoW to inactive accounts, is done by delivering gold via in-game mail.

Profitable to order gold in World of Warcraft, you can in our store, at the links: Gold in WoW Retail and Gold in World of Warcraft.

Description of the delivery process:

  1. You write to our manager, the following information: the version of the game (in which your character is), as well as his exact nickname, server and faction.
    This information is necessary for our employee to check the possibility of gold delivery to your character, as well as to calculate the cost of providing this service.
  2. If your account and character meet all the necessary requirements, then you make payment for the order.
  3. Within 5-10 minutes of receiving payment from you, we send your character the amount of gold needed to activate your WoW subscription for 30 days via in-game mail.
  4. After an hour, you will need to log in to your game account in the character selection window (you do not need to enter the game world). The system will automatically offer you to extend your in-game subscription for 30 days for the gold you have in your in-game mailbox.

Important information:

  • This method is only suitable for versions of the game in which you can buy a WoW Token.
  • In-game mail delivery from one player to another takes 60 minutes from the time the package is sent. Therefore, we recommend that you order at least 5% more gold, and ideally 10% more than the current value of the WoW Token. This is to ensure that in case of an unforeseen increase in the price of the Token WoW, you will have 100% enough gold to activate a month of subscription on the official World of Warcraft servers.

Free gift, especially for you:

  • We give you a discount of -5%, for the purchase of 30 days of subscription in WoW. To get a discount, show the promo code: RAIDLINE, our consultants or enter it in a special field at checkout.

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