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How to equip a character in WoW 10.2

  • 09-11-2023

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WoW 10.2 Character Dressing Guide

Reading this guide will give you an understanding of how to equip your character in level 444+ items.


Preparation (November 01 - November 14)

  1. Flightstones can be spent, for maximum benefit.
  2. Clean the bags of miscellaneous junk as much as possible.
  3. Complete the 10.1.7 chain (with Shandris) to be able to take the 10.2 chain immediately.
  4. Determine weaknesses in the gear (below 444) that we will be crafting before going to a new raid.
  5. Purchase Crest reagents before they go up in price.

First weeks of the patch (November 08 - November 22)

Try not to do any local quests or kill rare mobs until you discover a new faction and take a reputation quest.
Darkmoon Faire will be available from November 05 through November 11. Take the +10% reputation boosting buff and take quests with it. You can stock up on reputation boost tokens for next week for +29% buff.
  1. Keys and all raid modes are unlocked. Try your luck in LFR raid. In the first wing there will be a boss with a token (gloves).
  2. On Wednesday morning (after checking the purity of your Great Vault), you can confidently craft 444 items for Whelpling's Crest into low-level non-set slots.
  3. In the keys, farm Wyrm's and Aspect crests. Cap of the week - another 90 Crests of each type (another +6 item improvements). Farm new items and catalyst blanks.
  4. Get the achievement "Master of Season 3", namely: 2000 RIO / 1600 PvP / Kill the final boss in the new heroic raid. Buy a heroic level token item (467-483). It is recommended to spend this token on a future Wednesday after checking the Great Vault. It is recommended to buy Helmet or Shoulders, as they are increased ilvl and these LFR quarters will not open immediately.
  5. Do not spend the Catalyst charge this week. Spend it on a future Wednesday after checking the Great Vault. You will buy the second piece for the Wizard. The third through fourth wait in the Great Vault or get it in a new raid.
All following weeks (November 23+).
The buffs from Anniversary and Feast are still in effect for a while.
  1. Perform a capa of +90 Crests each week.
  2. Don't miss the half sparks.
  3. Sweep LFR for tokens and 463 gear (until you get something better).
  4. Get the enchantment for the helmet in week 8 (do the quest chain).


List of useful activities

  1. Finish the campaign as soon as possible.
  2. Farm Aspect Crests and maximize crafting items.
  3. A 4th fame with Dream Wardens will give you Whelpling's Crest (for 444 crafting).
  4. The 7th renown with Dream Wardens will give you the opportunity to buy 441-463 gloves.
  5. The 8th,12th and 19th Renown from Dream Wardens will give you Drake's Crest (upgrades to 463).
  6. The 14th renown with Dream Wardens will give you the opportunity to buy a 454-476 helmet.
  7. The 18th renown from Dream Wardens will give you an infinite rune of reinforcement (as in Zereth Mortis).
  8. The 20th Renown will give you Enchanted Wyrm's Crest, to create 476 Craft.
  9. The quest to kill Fyrakk should give you Enchanted Wyrm's Crest - works in any mode, similar to other final boss quests.
  10. If you have a non-main character, starting with him and reaching level 10 fame will save a lot of reputation for the main.


New system of exchanging crests for higher

You will be able to exchange your crests for crests a grade higher if all of your current items have already been upgraded to a level that requires a crest a grade higher.
Example: An item with level Hero 5/6 has already been upgraded with Wyrm's crests and further requires an Aspect crest. If you have all items upgraded to Hero 5/6, you can exchange your Wyrm's crests for Aspect crests in the store.

Requirements for exchange

Exchange rate

  • Get the Dragon crest: have 450 in each slot.
  • Get the Wyrm's crest: have 463 in each slot.
  • Get an Aspect crest: have 476 in each slot.
  • Dragon's Crest: 90 Whelpling's Crest.
  • Wyrm's crest: unknown
  • Aspect's crest: unknown


Craft / Recraft

Almost the same as in 10.1. Compare the new jewelry. Back and other jewelry will worsen.
Now the enchanter will not make an enchanted crest from N number of crests, but from one "Forming Crest". The player buys the Forming Crest himself from Andoris.
The course for the purchase of Forming Crest:
  • 1 Whelpling's Forming Crest = 30 Whelpling's Crests.
  • 1 Wyrm's Forming Crest = 45 Wyrm's Crests.
  • 1 Aspect Crest Forming = 60 Aspect crests.
The cost in crests is almost unchanged.
For example: in 10.1 you needed 60 fragments of aspect ridges to get 1 whole ridge, for one max crafting item = 5 keys per time. Now it's the same, for 60 crests you buy a Forming crest for crafting (same 5 keys per time). The only difference is Whelpling's Crests. They have become twice as expensive.


Spark of Dreams Receipt Schedule

Schedule of obtaining the Catalyst charges

1 08.11.2023 1 15.11.2023
2 22.11.2023 2 29.11.2023
3 06.12.2023 3 13.12.2023
4 20.12.2023 4 27.12.2023
5 03.01.2024 5 10.01.2024
6 17.01.2024 6 24.01.2024
7 31.01.2024 7 07.02.2024
8 14.02.2024 8 21.02.2024


Where and how to farm?

Flightstones you get from everywhere as currency (quests, chests, mythic+ keys, raids, rare mobs) - the mechanics are completely similar to how it was in previous WoW Dragonflight patches.

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