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Starshova – revelations of popular blogger

  • 02-07-2024

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Starshova – true revelations of a content creator

starshova, starshova photo

Hi! I'm Starshova

My name is Elena, but since I started streaming, I hear my name only from my relatives.

The beginning of my journey in World of Warcraft

November 2020. I'm covid, and a friend suggests I play World of Warcraft. I see the amount of information on the screen and understand absolutely nothing. Afterward I see the number of abilities and I have another misunderstanding. But after a week of quarantine I agree.

First steps

The character progression was cool. You take a quest - pass a quest. Interesting. And here I am with the maximum lvl and burning eyes ask the question: "And then what?". And then.. Disappointment. It turns out that you need to communicate with people, go to some dungeons and raids. Can you imagine? In an online game to play with people?! That's how I got into a strange guild that recruited absolutely everyone. WoW opened up to me from a different perspective..

The journey of becoming a 🌟Game girl🌟 has been extremely difficult. The other players in the guild don't want to take me into keys, because I don't know how to do anything. Random players have been swearing and yelling at me. And the online on the streams doesn't grow above three viewers. Well, who's interested in watching some newbie?


But I decided that since this was my first game (other than the Sims), I wasn't going to give up that easily! I started by learning how to press buttons with my fingernails. Then I started reading guides and found a dummy. All these major and minor characteristics. You have no idea how hard it is when you're 20+ and seeing it all for the first time. The Sims has a code for money, and here you have to try to earn it. It was scary and challenging, but interesting.

Early successes

In the second season of Shadowlands I visited the dungeon with 15 key, and then in 17. Killed the last boss in hero mode, and in season 4 already closed the 28th key (by the way, in the cloak of Orgrimmar, which I forgot to change).

Support in TikTok

The most difficult thing was to find support. And I found it in TikTok, making funny videos about World of Warcraft. I would find sounds and ask my fellow players "What do you think is the best tank right now?". After that, I would make videos like I was knowledgeable about it, and for the game in general.

The videos got into recommendations, went viral on guild discords, I was recognized in capitals and wrote that I was cool. That's how I found the best guild "Пепеги на телеге", with the most good-natured guys and a sweet RL. My online grew and even got my first donations. I found teammates and even friends. But then TikTok left Russia, and not only him. The guild disintegrated, the content from only keys bored even me, not to mention the viewers.

Hardcore server

But the universe heard that I want to make global changes, and my subscriber offered to play on the Hardcore server. I refused for a long time - what kind of Classic am I, which I will see for the first time in my life, and even before the first death? I died, created a new character, died again. Development up to level 60 took me 3 months, I recognized WoW from a new side: friendly community, help from all sides, the most pleasant hours of levelling and quests that really make sense.

starshova, starshova photo

Life changes

But then a big life change happened - I moved to another city. While I was settling in, the guild in Hardcore was progressing. I tried very hard to combine the game with real life, but still up until I killed Kel'Thuzad I had big gaps with equipment and knowledge. It was the best content, but I feel guilty that the people who were putting their full effort and burning to get through all the raids without dying saw me in their ranks, who probably in their opinion was far less responsible.

Recognition and gratitude

"Soul of Iron" guild guys, you're super cool, you made it to the end! Spent half a year of your lives and worked hard everyday for a common goal! I hope you'll be less likely to think of me as a bumbling priest (who survived, please note) after this article is published - it's just that life (In real life) didn't give me the opportunity to dive into Hardcore content with my head.

A special kiss on the nose goes to Абибока. If it wasn't for her - I would have died from the first boar in Durotar.

Returning to Cataclysm

During the Cataclysm, I returned to raiding again as part of a guild. I've never been a minmax streamer with high rated content or incredible skill levels. My specialty is openness and discussion of a variety of topics with subscribers while playing a relaxing game of World of Warcraft. Yes, maybe you won’t learn how to press buttons at the highest level or learn interesting facts about the game from me. But you yourself can tell me about it, for which I will be infinitely grateful to you, and in return I will share with you an amazing charlotte recipe!

👉 I invite you to join me

I'll be happy to see you on my Twitch stream, as well as chat on my Discord.

I also have YouTube and TikTok, I stream on them, but the main purpose of my YouTube channel is the shorts that can be seen in TikTok by users from all over the world.

And lastly, beautiful pictures and a little bit of food in my Telegram.

Kisses to everyone!

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