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Toshany is an autobiography

  • 02-07-2024

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Toshany is an autobiography

Hi! I'm Toshany

I'm a widely known in narrow circles priest in the specialization of discipline. I have a lot of experience in WoW in all classes. I've been playing World of Warcraft for many years.

Beginning of streaming

In the Shadowlands add-on I started streaming and recording YouTube videos. I'm the author of the popular "Here's Why DC Priests Hate" videos, as well as healer training guides. My content feed combines PvP and PvE. I show both raids and arenas, as well as Mythic+ key dungeons with staggering numbers.

Original builds and inspiration

I show the game on healers from different sides, try to make original builds, which often surprise and motivate, and sometimes even annoy players and viewers! On my YouTube channel you can find not only videos and guides on Priests, but also detailed and interesting guides on other healers, such as Shaman, Paladin, Dragon and in the future Monk! I am inspired to encourage my viewers to play as healers!

I invite you to visit my streams

Check out my Twitch streams and my YouTube channel, Check out my Twitch streams and my YouTube channel, I'd love to cheer you up and increase your knowledge of healers!

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