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Igira the Cruel

  • 10-11-2023

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Igira the Cruel Guide + Tactics

One of the initial bosses of the Amirdrassil raid, the Dream's Hope, takes the second position on the list.

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General Information:

  • Single boss (without mobs).
  • Heroism / Bloodlust (BL) - must be used at the start of combat.
  • The essence of the game on the boss: During the transitional phases, choose a torment to be played during the main phase (additional abilities of the boss will appear). There are three torments in total. After selecting one torment, it disappears. After selecting the last torment, you should finish the boss before she gains 100 rage. Choose a torment depending on the composition and abilities of your raid members.
  • Mythic: It's the other way around. The boss chooses two weapons. You must absorb the weapon you do not plan to work with in the phase.
  • To kill the boss before the enrage, you should have approximately the following % of boss health in the transitional phases: 83%, 53%, 23%. If you meet or exceed these norms, you will be able to kill the boss even at the beginning of the enrage.

Boss Abilities

Title Description Explanation of "What to do?"
Vicious Swing Boss attacks hit the closest target to the boss's primary target. If there is no nearby target, then the boss hits its primary target twice. Tanks stand together in front of the face of the boss. Melee fighters are positioned on the side of the boss' back.
Drenched Blades Automated attacks deal 1.24M physical damage + imposes a magic damage debuff of 33k every 2 seconds for 24 seconds (cumulative). 1.24M physical damage + 396k negative effect damage.
Blistering Spear Launches spears at 6 players, dealing 375k damage in a 10 meter radius and leaving an area of piercing torment. Bring a puddle into the melee zone to get through players faster (6 copies). Can be split 3 at a time and combined right-left. In the center is the defensive zone.
Blistering Torment Heroic / Mythic: The player is chained to the ground, taking 99k damage per second until the spear is destroyed. Can combine 2-3 spears together under personal defense ability. You need to prioritize the penetration.
Twisting Blade Throws blades at the nearest player, dealing 498k magic damage to all characters in the path. Dodge.
Marked for Torment At 100 energy. Igira deals 415k magic damage, discarding players within a 45 meter radius and setting three torment areas on fire. Players within the torment area are reduced, but also suffer Gathering Torment.
As Igira forges her weapon, each strike of her hammer ejects Searing Sparks.

Heroic: When the torment is fully absorbed, Igira gains new abilities, depending on which torment the players chose.
Mythic: Igira gains abilities from the two torments the players did NOT choose.

If none of Igira's torment is absorbed, she unleashes Ruinous End.

The player who absorbed the torment gains vulnerability to the next absorption by +100% until the end of combat.
Spell readable for 20 seconds. The boss returns to his original position. Starts the collection of torment. 3 large areas appear in 3 places in the room.
Players must select a "Torment" to play with next. To confirm the choice, the desired torment must be soak. During this, puddles drip underfoot and the area of the torment decreases as it is soaked.
It is desirable that the entire raid soak the torment in increments. At the end leave immunizers soak remnants, when the diameter of the torment will be comparable to the diameter of the puddle. If the torment is not absorbed completely - 100% death of all raid members.
Gathering Torment Collects torment, dealing 58k magic damage to all players who absorb torment.
Heroic / Mythic: A player who interacted with the torment gains Flesh Mortification.
Damage to a player who came in to soak torment. Must tap a personal defense ability or ask for target defense from other raid members.
Flesh Mortification Torment leaves scars on your skin, increasing damage from further Gathering Torment by 100%. Infinite debuff. One player cannot enter the torment twice. In case of force majeure, you can enter under the effect of a very strong defense ability or immunity.
Searing Sparks Scorching sparks fly from Igira's hammer at random locations, dealing 374k magic damage to enemies within a 4 meter radius and knocking them back.
Each swing of her hammer deals 99k magic damage to all players.
Dancing while collecting torment + AoE raid damage. Puddles underfoot. It is possible to walk slowly with one group.
Normal / Heroic: Puddles don't overlap in tanks.
Ruinous End If torment is not selected - Igira shatters the ground, dealing 748k magic damage to all players on impact and an additional 207k damage once every 1 second for 30 seconds. Death to all raid members if the torment was not soak completely.
Harvest of Screams Each time Igira reaches full energy, she increases the damage she deals by 10%. This effect is cumulative.  


№ 1 - Hacking Torment

Umbral Destruction Hits the tank, dealing 915k magic damage to all players, which is divided by the number of players within a 10 meter radius.
Split players get Brutalized.
First 8 players + 2 tanks go in. Then the other 10 players +2 tanks. Then the raid damage will be even.
Brutalized Igira's attack makes the player brutal, and he cannot reduce the damage from the next Umbral Destruction. Lasts for 40 seconds. According to the description of this ability, you won't take much damage the second time. However, your torso will not be counted as part of the split and then all other characters will receive increased damage.

№ 2 - Slicing Torment

Smashing Viscera Igira jumps chaotically, dealing 747k magic damage to enemies within 8 meters of the hit and knocking them back. Also deals 374k magic damage to enemies within 8 meters. Exit the landing point, heal hit on the raid members. The first one is random, the second one at the farthest from the first jump. Can coincide with the mechanics of sharing damage with the tank. Second jump needs to be byte.
Devastation Heroic / Mythic: Void zones in with a cross from Landing Point. Damage 623k magic damage if hit. It's necessary to dodge.

№ 3 - Flaying Torment

Heart Stopper The boss casts 800k healing absorption on 9 players. If not healed in time, it deals 457k magic damage to the raid. Players with heal absorption move away from the raid while using a personal defense ability and wait for the heal.
Vital Rupture Heroic / Mythic: When the Heart Stopper debuff heals, players within a 7 meter radius are blasted and spheres explode from them.
The spheres on impact deal 623k magic damage instantly and 58k magic damage every 1 second for 15 seconds.
All players dodge the balls. It is possible to heal targets with debuffs one by one. Watch your positioning carefully.


For Tanks:

  • A 7-stack change.
  • Tanks can absorb one torment entirely on their own. There is enough time. Tanks are not directed at puddles in the transition phase.

For Healers:

  • It's better to shoot absorbs better targeting to avoid orbs more easily.

For DPS:

  • Whenever moving around the boss, never go near the tanks, do not stand in front of the boss' face.


  • Put a gate from the boss to the torment for melee fighters in advance. The boss can be beaten for a while before soak torment. The gate is available for each transition phase.
  • Moving in crouch steps in torment makes it easier to soak and reduces random puddles.
  • Melee Fighters: Twisting Blade is easy to dodge if you quickly go inside the boss through them.
  • While the boss is in a transitional phase - she doesn't hit with automatic attacks. Before the pushback itself (00:44) - melee fighters can stand with their backs to the wall to have time to land a few more blows.

Comments on tactics

Types of tactics:

  • The easiest torture: Slicing Torment. The other two are more difficult, choose according to how you feel.
    For normal and heroic it is recommended to choose the following order of torture: №2 -> №1 -> №3. In theory, before the third one you should have already killed the boss.
  • Mythic: In phases, the boss will give two abilities from two sectors at a time.
    For example: If you absorbed Torment #2, the order of the abilites in the phase will be: 1, 3, 1, 3, transitional phase.
  • Assign groups of melee fighters to take turns absorbing torment. Maybe tanks twice can or immunizers. Then 7+7+7 (tanks twice).


Heroic (HC) - boss timers

Heroic (HC) - MRT note

00:15 Spears {time:00:15} Spears
00:44 Transition phase № 1 {time:00:44} Transition phase № 1
01:31 The Torment ability {time:01:31} The Torment ability
02:02 The Torment ability {time:02:02} The Torment ability
02:36 Spears {time:02:36} Spears
03:07 Transition phase № 2 {time:03:07} Transition phase № 2
03:51 The Torment ability {time:03:51} The Torment ability
04:21 The Torment ability {time:04:21} The Torment ability
04:57 Spears {time:04:57} Spears
05:24 Transition phase № 3 {time:05:24} Transition phase № 3
06:14 The Torment ability {time:06:14} The Torment ability
06:44 The Torment ability {time:06:44} The Torment ability
07:16 Spears {time:07:16} Spears


Mythic (Epochal) - timers for 1+3 / 2+3 / 1+2

Mythic (Epochal) - timers for 2+3 / 1+3 / 1+2

Mythic (Epochal) - General note

00:04 Blistering Spear 00:04 Blistering Spear {time:00:04} Blistering Spear
00:25 Blistering Spear 00:25 Blistering Spear {time:00:25} Blistering Spear
00:51 Transition phase 00:51 Transition phase {time:00:51} Transition phase
01:32 Heart Stopper 01:26 Heart Stopper {time:01:26} Ability 3
01:38 Umbral Destruction 01:32 Smashing Viscera {time:01:32} Ability 2
02:03 Heart Stopper 01:57 Heart Stopper {time:01:57} Ability 3
02:09 Umbral Destruction 02:02 Smashing Viscera {time:02:02} Ability 2
02:29 Blistering Spear 02:30 Blistering Spear {time:02:30} Blistering Spear
02:50 Blistering Spear 02:50 Blistering Spear {time:02:50} Blistering Spear
03:13 Transition phase 03:13 Transition phase {time:03:13} Transition phase
03:46 Heart Stopper 03:54 Heart Stopper {time:03:54} Ability 3
03:51 Smashing Viscera 04:00 Umbral Destruction {time:04:00} Ability 1
04:16 Heart Stopper 04:24 Heart Stopper {time:04:24} Ability 3
04:22 Smashing Viscera 04:30 Umbral Destruction {time:04:30} Ability 1
04:50 Blistering Spear 04:52 Blistering Spear {time:04:52} Blistering Spear
05:11 Blistering Spear 05:13 Blistering Spear {time:05:13} Blistering Spear
05:32 Transition phase 05:32 Transition phase {time:05:32} Transition phase
06:09 Umbral Destruction 06:10 Umbral Destruction {time:06:10} Ability 1
06:14 Smashing Viscera 06:15 Smashing Viscera {time:06:15} Ability 2
06:40 Umbral Destruction 06:40 Umbral Destruction {time:06:40} Ability 1
06:45 Smashing Viscera 06:45 Smashing Viscera {time:06:45} Ability 2
07:00 Enrage 07:00 Enrage {time:07:00} Enrage

Positioning during a boss fight

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