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  • 06-11-2023

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Gnarlroot Guide + Tactics

This is the first and easiest boss that players will encounter in the Amirdrassil, the Dream's Hope raid.

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General Information:

  • Boss with a lot of mobs (among them there are priority targets).
  • Heroism (BL) - most profitable to use during the transitional phase of combat.
  • Phases: Main (one) and Transitional (one), in a circle.
  • During the transitional phase, the boss takes +100% damage (players should use their strongest abilities).
  • Boss damage calculation figures are for the first phase. All subsequent phases add +10%.

Boss Abilities

Title Description Explanation "What to do?"
Main phase
Flaming Pestilence 2 times per phase the boss lands Lashers with a cross from himself. These are small void zone crosses that deal 270k damage in a 3m radius.
Mythic: Additionally calls for Treants.
4 Lashers on one beam = 16 Lashers per cast. 32 Lashers per phase. One of the cross beams is directed at the tank. The tank can adjust the direction in which the Lashers appear. If the boss is brought to the wall, the rays that hit the wall will be reflected back to the platform.
Controlled Burn Marks a few players and they set the ground on fire, dealing 83k magic damage to players within a 20m radius every 1.5 seconds. Explodes after 6 seconds, dealing "average" damage to everyone within 20m, leaving a puddle behind Shadow-Scorched Earth. Move away from the players. Take out and awaken Lashers.
Shadow-Scorched Earth Deals 166k damage per second. Puddles from previous mechanics. If Flaming Pestilence falls on available puddles, then Lasher falling on those puddles will immediately activate.
Dreadfire Barrage (Tank) Launches 5 fast projectiles in 2 seconds. Each one deals 116k physical and 116k magic damage. Each hit deals +24% magic damage. Total damage for 5 hits: 1.44M; 581k physical damage and another 861k magic damage.
Tortured Scream (Healer) Deals 166k magic damage to all players. Causes 33k debuff, triggers once every 0.4 sec. for 10 sec. Dangerous, can overlap with other AoE hits on the raid. Hit and 25 triggers for 33k = 997650 raid damage.
Shadowflame Cleave Cleave in front of you for 1M damage. Cleave to a random player (or the nearest player?).
Transition phase - starts at 100 energy
Doom Cultivation The boss unleashes Doom Roots, reduces damage on itself by 99% and begins to pulse toxically. Awakens any Lasher that was sleeping. Spews Splintering Charcoal every 8 seconds. Boss is on immunity. A cross from boss grows roots. Mythic has more roots. AoE in transition phase. Can deal up to 10M damage, depending on the success of breaking the roots. Deals intermittent damage in incremental damage. Can hit 100k per player by the end.
Doom Roots Deals 415k nature damage to players within a 3 meter radius and repels them. Do not touch roots without availability from Ember-Charred.
Toxic Loam The boss desecrates the ground beneath him, dealing 249k magic damage per second to all who are hit. It slows players' movement by 60% and prevents them from using strong moves (jerks). Players are not allowed to approach the boss.
Splintering Charcoal Void zones with low damage. Deals 125k damage if it doesn't hit any players. Applies a debuff. Void, which players need to soak (drink).
Ember-Charred The player deals a "small" amount of damage every second. Touching tainted soil will set the roots on fire and remove one debuff effect. After you catch a void zone, you get 5 debuff effects. You have to approach the roots and destroy them. Touching the torso is enough. One debuff effect will fall off. After all the debuffs have subsided, you can soak the puddle again if there are any roots left.
Uprooted Agony Once all roots are destroyed, the boss starts dealing AoE damage to raid members. During this time, he takes 100% more damage for 20 seconds. Burst phase. 100 micro-periodic 16k damage to the raid. Healers use defensive abilities, DPS deals max damage. Approximately 26M damage to all raid members in 20 seconds (1.6M per character).
Rising Mania After the transition phase, the boss deals 10% more damage (cumulative). The more transitional phases, the more damage the boss deals.


The boss's minions
Tainted Lasher  Пояснение "Что делать?"
  They sleep in the ground until players awaken them with Shadow-Scorched Earth or the boss digs them out with a re-spawn phase. No particular threat. Priority destruction is not required.
Tainted Bloom When awakened, Lasher deals 33k AoE damage to all raid members. The boss plants 2 Lasher sets per phase (1 set is 12 pieces).
Shadow Spines Lasher's melee attacks deal 99k damage and inflict 33k/sec bleed for 10 sec (cumulative effect). Control, take it to the tanks. It is possible to cauterize tanks.
Vicious Thicket Each activated Lasher increases the speed and damage dealt by all other active Lashers within a 10 meter radius by 10%. This effect is cumulative. After reaching 15 uses, the Lasher becomes enhanced. It turns out that if you have 15 Lashers active, their damage is increased by 150% and they are immune to control (unpleasant).
Overgrown Enhanced Lasher immune to interruptions and control effects.  
Mythic: Tainted Treant
  Together with Lasher, it drops off 2 Tainted Treant. These mobs are also "sleeping" and should also be "opened". Priority enemy. It's a debuff. Interferes. 4 units for 1 phase.
Flaming Sap Throws flaming juice at players, slowing them for 6 sec. This effect sets players on fire every 2 seconds, dealing 150k fire damage to players within a 5 meter radius. Rings on the players. Step back.
Blazing Pollen A cast that deals 125k fire damage to the 5 closest players and disorients them for 3 seconds. It is necessary to interrupt.
Tainted Bloom When awakened, Treant deals 33k AoE damage to all characters. Personal defenses can be used.


For Tanks:

  • One of the rays of the Lashers landing cross is directed at the tank (that is, in the direction of the boss' gaze). The cross is almost even, the other rays to the right, left and back. This needs to be positioned so that new Lashers appear in the melted ground and activate immediately. One phase will drop 2 sets of Lashers and 2 sets of activation puddles.
  • ~01:15 / ~03:30 / ~05:50 - Putting almost all mechanics on the tank (shouting and picking up enemies).


For Healers:

  • Doing a lot of damage to a raid during a boss stan can be surprising. Heal the raid 100% before the boss hits the stan. Cover the damage from the boss' stun.
  • The raid takes most of its damage from Tortured Scream in the main phase. Strike + debuff with intermittent damage.
  • Lashers put bleed on everyone they hit. Be prepared to save players.
  • The burst from waking Lashers can be big, with 10+ Lashers waking up (330k+).


For DPS:

  • Press personal save when soak meteor. Do not run with debuffs for a long time, clear as fast as possible.
  • Do not update fire stacks. Be sure to reset previous stacks before absorbing a new meteor.


Life hacks:

  • For a better sense of shoulder: While absorbing meteors in the transition phase, build up distance inside the meteor in the direction of your subsequent movement to the roots. This way you will let your partners know which roots you will destroy first and your transition phase will end faster.
  • It may happen that the boss at the moment of stun (at the end of the transition phase) will launch 1-2 small meteorites that need to be absorbed. It is recommended that Healers and RDDs catch them so that MDDs don't lose damage during the phase where they need to deal maximum damage.
  • In the transition phase, try to leave one root in the mile zone last, so that you can set it on fire on command. This is to ensure that all DPS are ready to do maximum damage in the stun.


Useful comments on tactics

Types of tactics:

  1. Boss stands in the center, you can drive him, but he will return to the center for the transition phase. Take away the void zones in such a way as to open the Plethochniki. Preferably maximum before the transition, so that they do not "explode" on you at the transition.
  2. Put the boss in the corner and turn at 45 degrees so that the Lashers reflect off the wall compactly.
  • Divide the raid into 4 groups by sector for the transition phase. Assign a healer to each group. Players absorb void zones and then break roots with their bodies. When all the roots are broken - the boss gets stunned at this point you need to use the strongest abilities that deal maximum damage.


Mechanic's calculation

Tank damage

Magic damage Debuff Physical damage
116393 0 116393
144327 24% 116393
172262 48% 116393
200196 72% 116393
228130 96% 116393
861308   581965
The tank will take total damage: 1443273

AoE damage in the main phase


AoE in the transition phase

26M in 20 seconds, roughly 1.6M per character - that's 80k per second to each player.


Heroic (HC) - boss timers

Heroic (HC) - MRT note

00:06 Roar {time:00:06} Roar
00:24 Landing Lasers {time:00:24} Landing Lasers
00:31 Roar {time:00:31} Roar
00:34 Void zones, awakening {time:00:34} Void zones, awakening
00:49 Roar {time:00:49} Roar
00:54 Landing Lasers {time:00:54} Landing Lasers
01:06 Roar {time:01:06} Roar
01:15 Void zones, awakening {time:01:15} Void zones, awakening
01:29 Roar {time:01:29} Roar
01:42 Landing Lasers {time:01:42} Landing Lasers
01:45 Void zones, awakening {time:01:45} Void zones, awakening
01:47 Transitional phase {time:01:47} Transitional phase
Further timers are dynamic.
Depends on the speed of completion of the transition phase.
03:02 Roar {time:00:30,SAR:421013:1} Roar
03:16 Landing Lasers {time:00:42,SAR:421013:1} Landing Lasers
03:25 Roar {time:00:50,SAR:421013:1} Roar
03:29 Void zones, awakening {time:00:55,SAR:421013:1} Void zones, awakening
03:46 Roar {time:01:12,SAR:421013:1} Roar
03:51 Landing Lasers {time:01:17,SAR:421013:1} Landing Lasers
04:02 Roar {time:01:33,SAR:421013:1} Roar
04:11 Void zones, awakening {time:01:38,SAR:421013:1} Void zones, awakening
04:27 Roar {time:01:57,SAR:421013:1} Transitional phase
04:32 Transitional phase  
05:44 Roar {time:00:30,SAR:421013:2} Roar
05:57 Landing Lasers {time:00:42,SAR:421013:2} Landing Lasers
06:06 Roar {time:00:50,SAR:421013:2} Roar
06:10 Void zones, awakening {time:00:55,SAR:421013:2} Void zones, awakening


Mythical (Mythic) - boss timers

Mythical (Mythic) - MRT note

00:06 Tortured Scream    
00:29 Tortured Scream    
00:46 Tortured Scream    
01:12 Tortured Scream    
01:28 Tortured Scream    
01:30 Transitional phase    
02:38 Tortured Scream    
03:01 Tortured Scream    
03:17 Tortured Scream    
03:43 Tortured Scream    
04:00 Tortured Scream    
04:02 Transitional phase    
05:18 Tortured Scream    
05:42 Tortured Scream    
05:58 Tortured Scream    
06:24 Tortured Scream    
06:41 Tortured Scream    
06:42 Transitional phase    

Map the appearance of roots during a boss fight

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