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Equipment Item Levels and Mythic+ Affixes in WoW Shadowlands (Season 1)

  • 24-01-2024

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Levels of equipment items in WoW Shadowlands

This article details information about the levels of equipment items in World of Warcraft, Shadowlands add-on patch 9.0.1. In addition, in this article you can also find useful information related to modifiers (affixes) from dungeons with the use of Mythic+ keys in the first season of WoW Shadowlands. In addition to all of the above, this guide contains information related to obtaining items from weekly PvE and PvP chests through the Great Vault.

Mythic+ Keystones in WoW Shadowlands Season 1

If you want to get your character into PvE gear as quickly as possible, then going through Mythic+ dungeons is the perfect way to do it. Unlike standard dungeons or raids, Mythic+ dungeons have no restrictions on killing bosses. Therefore, in Mythic+ you can farm equipment for your favorite character 24/7.

M+ key loot table in WoW Shadowlands season 1

Key level



Weekly chest

0 184 184 -
2 187 184 200
3 190 184 203
4 194 200 207
5 194 200 210
6 197 200 210
7 200 200 213
8 200 200 216
9 200 200 216
10 204 200 220
11 204 200 220
12 207 213 223
13 207 213 223
14 207 213 226
15 210 213 226

FAQ on Mythic+ dungeons in WoW 9.0.1:

  1. The amount of loot from keys has been reduced to 1 item. Extra loot for closing in timer and higher keys (above 15+) still works.
  2. You can only get Power Conduit in Mythic+ keys. For Finesse Conduit and Endurance Conduit, high level you need to raid or buy Ve'nari reputation.
  3. The loot for passing the maximum key level in Shadowlands has become worse than in the heroic raid. For the Mythic+15 key, 210 item level equipment is given. At the same time, the Heroic (HC) raid offers 213 level items from the initial bosses, and 220 for killing the last two bosses.
  4. According to the experience of the start of the season in BfA, we can make the following conclusion: on heroic week the maximum loot will be from the 6th key, i.e. equipment of level 197 and conduits of level 200.
  5. The best equipment from the weekly chest is given for M+14 keys and above.

Modifiers (Affixes) in Mythic+ dungeons in WoW SL 9.0.1

New Affixes:

  • Storming ➽ chaotic spinning whirlwinds that deal damage (similar to the whirlwinds on the second boss in Shrine of the Storm).
  • Inspiring ➽ an aura of immunity to control effects (analogous to the seasonal affix from WoW 8.2).
  • Spiteful ➽ when a mob dies, a mob appears that focuses on the player.
  • Prideful ➽ seasonal affix, for every 20% of enemy troops gained, a large mob appears. After killing the appeared mob, a positive effect is applied to characters, increasing damage and healing, as well as increasing running speed and mana regeneration. The duration of the buff is 1 minute (60 seconds).

Affixes that are removed from the game:

  • Teeming ➽ in places where standard groups of enemy troops are positioned, additional hostile mobs appear in relation to the players.
  • Skittish ➽ modifier that reduces the level of threat from the tank.

Great Vault (weekly chest)

In WoW Shadowlands patch 9.0.1, players are rewarded with additional equipment items for completing weekly activities. Bonus equipment items appear every first day of the game week (Wednesday) in the weekly chest. These items have a significantly higher level of equipment compared to the items that players obtained by completing the previous week's activities. Complete the weekly activities for the Great Vault to get powerful equipment items in SL.

Criteria affecting the number of available slots in the weekly chest

Raid "Castle Nathria" 3/10 bosses 7/10 bosses 10/10 bosses
Dungeons "Mythic+" 1 key 4 keys 10 keys
PvP activities 1250 points 2500 points 6250 points


Conditions affecting the level of items from the weekly chest

Raid "Castle Nathria" (Difficulty) Normal (200 ilvl) Heroic (213 ilvl) Mythic (226 ilvl)
Dungeons "Mythic+" (Level) 2+ (200 ilvl) 7+ (213 ilvl) 14+ (226 ilvl)
PvP activities (Rating) 1400+ (200 ilvl) 1800+ (213 ilvl) 2200+ (226 ilvl)

FAQ on weekly chest:

  1. In the weekly chest, you can only select 1 item or take 750 Stygia. It is in no way possible to increase the number of items you receive.
  2. You can increase the number of choices, one slot in the Great Vault is one additional choice.
  3. It is beneficial to increase the number of item choices for the main character. This is due to the fact that it is often difficult to obtain weapons and trinkets. While the reward from the weekly chest significantly increases the chances of getting the required item for your character.
  4. Don't forget that you can choose an item in the weekly chest after killing those bosses you have already defeated. This will help you avoid getting duplicates in the slot.
  5. The weekly chest only contains items from raid bosses that you have killed at least 1 time. You cannot get loot from Denathrius on Mythic difficulty until you have killed him at least 1 time.
  6. Raid and Mythic+ slots, are often much easier and quicker to fill. Provided you are an active PvE player.

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