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Broodkeeper Diurna

  • 15-03-2024

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Broodkeeper Diurna

General Information:

  • There is a boss standing in the room, and 24 eggs are placed on the ground, 6 in each sector. At the same time, all sectors are conditionally divided by elements.
  • The eggs can hatch a strong and a weak mob. It is in the interest of the raid members to hatch the weaker mobs so that the battle becomes easier.
  • In addition to newborn mobs, other types of mobs appear that come from the edges of the room from visual "portals". Before the appearance of a mob, several balls will appear at one point, marking the appearance of mobs in that location.
  • The entire boss fight is divided into two phases:
    ➜ Phase 1 - standard, you need to break eggs and kill mobs, while not tanking fire.
    ➜ Phase 2 - all the processes are similar to the first phase of the battle, but now the boss enters the state of rage and starts a gradual increasing enrage.
  • The second phase of the battle, is triggered in two ways:
    1. Automatically by the in-game timer at 04:00 (the fourth minute of the battle).
    2. You can forcibly start the second phase (earlier than 04:00), to do this you need to break all the eggs in the room.
  • Given the fact that the second phase of battle is much more difficult than the first phase, it is recommended to use Heroism (Hero) / Bloodlust (BL) in the second phase of battle.
  • It is recommended to use talents to deal maximum damage to a single enemy. This should be done even if you are assigned to a group that destroys mobs.
  • At the initial mastering of the raid, it is recommended to pass this boss in three tanks.

Brief description of the battle with the boss:

  • You start the battle at the cross (red), and then move along the following lines: square (blue) ➜ skull (white) ➜ triangle (green) ➜ moon (transparent) ➜ circle (orange) ➜ star (yellow).
    At the bottom of the article, be sure to look at the picture of the battle map, then you will understand the described principle of moving the boss.
  • Drive the boss on the marks and break the eggs 2 pieces at a time.
  • The route of movement of the boss is designed in such a way that there is always a distance between the boss and the mobs. The first mob will appear in the mark - the moon, and then the mobs will appear in the following sequence: triangle ➜ circle ➜ star ➜ cross, and then everything will be repeated again.

Boss abilities

Stage One: The Primalist Clutch

  • Greatstaff of the Broodkeeper:
    Every 20 seconds, the boss stabs its staff into the ground.
    After this spell, the boss takes a +10% damage buff to "Greatstaff's Wrath" for each accumulated effect.
    Normal: starts with 1 effect.
    Heroic: starts with 2 effects.
    Mythic: starts with 3 effects.
    Players within 10 meters of the "Greatstaff of the Broodkeeper" can press the additional ability "Focus Greatstaff".
    The staff selects the players who pressed it, while directing a catch-up beam of "Greatstaff's Wrath" at them".
    This beam must be guided and driven behind the eggs to break them. Immature dragonlings hatch from these eggs.
    Heroic / Mythic: When the egg breaks, all raid members take AoE damage and the boss takes a +200% buff from the next egg burst for 10 seconds (cumulative).
    Since "Greatstaff of the Broodkeeper" is placed every 20 seconds and the buff on the boss lasts 10 seconds, you should never hesitate to break the eggs, otherwise you can be defeated by 3 or more effects at the same time.
    Mythic: "Greatstaff's Wrath" leaves puddles on the ground beneath players who channel it.
  • Wildfire:
    Marks all players with a ring (you must spread out).
    Puddles appear after gaining distance from each other.
    Heroic / Mythic: all players.
    Mythic: Affected players scatter additional "Wildfire" in different directions.
  • Icy Shroud:
    Marks all players within 50 meters with a debuff.
    Deals medium damage and slows movement speed by 30%.
    Applies absorption to healing, which can be dispelled or healed.
  • Rapid Incubation:
    The boss awakens the two eggs closest to her, and after 15 seconds they will hatch into strong adult dragons.
    Mythic: Inflicts a debuff on players within 50 meters. The debuff lasts for 30 seconds and can stack. As soon as the debuff adds up to 4 effects, the character dies instantly, spawning a "Tarasek Legionnaire" mob.
  • Mythic: "Storm Fissure":
    In the place of rifts from the staff, 3-meter puddles (deadly) are formed.
  • Diurna's Gaze:
    Increases the damage received by players by 10%.
    Mythic: Increases the damage received by characters by +1% every 7 seconds (cumulative).
    Within 50 meters of the boss, players take +10% damage and mobs take a cumulative healing buff (which is almost impossible to break). It is recommended to always keep mobs and boss at a distance from each other.

Stage Two: A Broodkeeper Scorned

  • The second phase of the battle, begins in the fourth minute of the battle (04:00).
  • The boss gains the buff: "Broodkeeper's Fury" ➜ The rage buff stacks on the boss every 30 seconds. Increases all damage by 15% and doubles the damage dealt to the tank.
  • Nest ➜ Increases the movement speed of those in it by 15%.
  • Every 40 seconds, the boss summons mobs.
  • The boss's basic abilities are now boosted.
  • Staff is now boosted (deals more damage), the mythic difficulty has 2 charges in this phase instead of .
  • "Greatstaff's Wrath" is now boosted (each effect does 30% more damage), and effects no longer fall off the boss when using the staff.
  • Frozen Shroud ➜ Applies increased absorption to healing compared to "Icy Shroud" and also immobilizes the character (must break shackles from characters).
  • Mortal Stoneslam ➜ is now double and lasts twice as long. Reduces all effects of incoming healing by 90% for 12 seconds.
    Mythic: When "Detonating Stoneslam" runs out, then it does 1.2M damage around the tank. Must be absorbed along with the tank (10 people is enough).
  • "Wildfire" now leaves two puddles.
    It is quite possible that several pairs of eggs will be left by this phase of the battle.

Boss Minions (Mobs)

  • Eggs:
    If you break an egg with a ray, an immature dragonkin emerges. It is not a threat and is fixed on the player.
    If the egg matures as a result of "Rapid Incubation", then a mature dragon will emerge, which should be taken by the tank.
  • Reinforcements:
    There may be 1-2 of these in Phase 1 of the battle, but in Phase 2 of the battle they come in waves every 40 seconds.
  • Tarasek Legionnaire
    Dangerous opponent, deals a lot of physical damage.
  • Tarasek Earthreaver
    Creates puddles, dealing medium damage and stun on hit.
    Makes a dash to the tank, weakens armor by 30% for 10 seconds. It is recommended that these mobs are taken by a third (auxiliary) tank.
    Heroic / Mythic: Imposes a negative effect on the tank, which deals periodic damage, as well as a debuff for -20% of armor.
  • Primalist Mage
    Be sure to interrupt this mob's casts or it will be very painful.
  • Dragonspawn Flamebender
    Summons "Flame Sentry". Unavoidable Damage.
    Heroic / Mythic: Deals 20% health damage to everyone around it, then heals for 200% of that damage for 9 seconds.
    Immune abilities, reflection and absorption, can reduce this healing.
  • Juvenile Frost Proto-Dragon
    Deals AoE damage to all raid members and slows down characters.
    Heroic / Mythic: Bites a tank very painfully, imposes a debuff. Tanks change 1 debuff each.
  • Nascent Proto-Dragon
    Selects a few random characters, then they start dealing damage within a 5 meter radius.
    Heroic / Mythic: Stuns a random player and deals medium damage, increases their movement speed by 30%.

Useful tips for gamers

For Tanks:

  • Mortal Stoneslam ➜ A powerful blow to an active tank, hits very hard and inflicts 2 debuffs:
    1. -65% incoming healing.
    2. A negative effect that deals periodic damage from forces of nature (8 triggers in 4 seconds), can stack.
  • In Phase 2 of the battle, the boss doubles his "Mortal Stoneslam" in power and duration.
  • Mobs must be collected and tanked, and on some mobs, tanks must change.
  • Tarasek Earthreaver delivers cone strikes (do not turn them to face other players).
  • Always make sure that mobs are 50 meters and/or more away from the boss.

For Healers:

  • Raid members take heavy damage from breaking eggs.
  • Tanks are very painful, apply personal defense abilities to tanks and keep their health at maximum at all times.
  • When mobs appear, confusion may ensue.
  • If there are eggs left at the beginning of phase 2, then use powerful mass defense abilities at the beginning. If there are no eggs left, then save your powerful defense abilities until the boss is boosted by effects.
  • "Icy Shroud" can be dispel and/or heal in the first phase of battle.

For DPS:

  • Most mobs, are amenable to control effects, and they can and should be interrupted by spells.
  • If only immature dragons are out, then damage them through the boss. If a grouping of elite mobs are out, then they should be killed as a priority.
  • Heroism (Hero) / Bloodlust (BL) - used in the fourth minute of battle (04:00). If for some reason it will not be there, take into consideration that it is mandatory to deal a lot of damage with powerful abilities during this phase.
  • Do not touch the staff unless the raid leader has told you to do so.


  • It is recommended to have two priests in the raid, for alternating dispel "Icy Shroud" in the first phase of the battle.
  • Assign tanks to break the eggs. Damage and casting extra abilities won't kill them, and the fighters will deal damage or survivability. If you do this, then you get 2 eggs at a time.
  • You need to break those eggs as quickly as possible, in which "Rapid Incubation" has already started. Then you will mostly fight immature dragons, and mature dragons will not hatch.
  • "Rapid Incubation" always starts 4-5 seconds after installing "Greatstaff of the Broodkeeper".
  • Assign a group of players with a healer and a tank to do a quick kill of mobs.

Boss battle map

This image shows: the exact route and the sequence of marks, according to which you need to move the boss.

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Boss battle timeline

Boss timers

Note in MRT format

Phase 1 Phase 1
00:13 Rapid Incubation,
{time:00:18} 00:18 Staff
00:28 Icy Shroud {time:00:28} 00:28 Icy Shroud
00:34 Rapid Incubation,
{time:00:37} 00:37 Staff
00:54 Rapid Incubation,
{time:00:58} 00:58 Staff
01:08 Icy Shroud {time:01:09} 01:09 Icy Shroud
01:13 Rapid Incubation,
{time:01:17} 01:17 Staff
01:33 Rapid Incubation,
{time:01:38} 01:38 Staff
01:48 Icy Shroud {time:01:49} 01:49 Icy Shroud
01:53 Rapid Incubation,
{time:01:58} 01:58 Staff
02:14 Rapid Incubation,
{time:02:17} 02:17 Staff
02:27 Icy Shroud {time:02:29} 02:29 Icy Shroud
02:33 Rapid Incubation,
{time:02:38} 02:38 Staff
02:54 Rapid Incubation,
{time:02:58} 02:58 Staff
03:08 Icy Shroud {time:03:08} 03:08 Icy Shroud
03:13 Rapid Incubation,
{time:03:18} 03:18 Staff
03:33 Rapid Incubation,
{time:03:38} 03:38 Staff
03:48 Icy Shroud {time:03:48} 03:48 Icy Shroud
03:54 Rapid Incubation,
{time:03:58} 03:58 Staff
04:00 Phase 2 {time:04:01} 04:01 Phase 2
04:13 Rapid Incubation {time:04:20} 04:20 Staff
04:19 Staff {time:04:29} 04:29 Frozen Shroud
04:28 Frozen Shroud {time:04:38} 04:38 Staff
04:33 Rapid Incubation {time:04:58} 04:58 Staff
04:37 Staff {time:05:09} 05:09 Frozen Shroud
04:57 Staff {time:05:19} 05:19 Staff
05:08 Frozen Shroud {time:05:37} 05:37 Staff
05:19 Staff {time:05:49} 05:49 Frozen Shroud
05:37 Staff {time:05:58} 05:58 Staff
05:47 Frozen Shroud {time:06:19} 06:19 Staff
05:58 Staff {time:06:28} 06:28 Frozen Shroud
06:18 Staff {time:06:38} 06:38 Staff
06:27 Frozen Shroud
(here you need to use powerful defense abilities, because there will be a lot of damage)
{time:06:58} 06:58 Staff
06:38 Staff {time:07:08} 07:08 Frozen Shroud
06:57 Staff {time:07:17} 07:17 Staff
07:08 Frozen Shroud {time:07:38} 07:38 Staff

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