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Guide to quickly level 50-60 character in WoW Shadowlands

  • 07-02-2024

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A guide to quickly leveling up your character
Level 50-60 in WoW Shadowlands

From a gameplay perspective, it makes absolutely no sense to quickly level up a character from level 50 to level 60. Despite this, this guide is designed to maximize the optimization of the time to pump the main character and minor characters. I might also add that leveling up a character in Shadowlands is much easier compared to Legion and BfA. If you fully read this guide and follow all the instructions, you will be able to level up your character from level 50 to level 60 in about 5-6 hours (depending on class and talent specialization) and about 4 hours in case of fast levelling without stopping.

The main goals when quickly pumping the main character from level 50 to 60:

  1. If you plan to start leveling up your character from the first seconds of Shadowlands, then stock up on speed potions, and try to get ahead of the other players as quickly as possible.
  2. To choose a covenant for the main character, you will have to do absolutely all story quests. The most recent quest is only available at level 60.
  3. After completing absolutely all story quests, your character will gain 9.5 levels, provided PvP mode is enabled. The remaining 0.5 levels you will have to pump up with the help of additional quests or in dungeons with normal difficulty (~ 15 additional quests or 2 dungeons).

Description of the process of leveling up for the main character


Action plan

Step 1
Level 50 (~ 25 minutes)
  • The process of leveling up begins with the opening quest (Orgrimmar / Stormwind City), and then a chain of quests in The Maw awaits players.
  • Use all items that can increase levelling speed. These can be: boots, gliders, speed potion (works at level 50) and experience potion (+10%).
    It is desirable to break away from the bulk of players as quickly as possible to comfortably increase character levels.
  • In the last quest with Jaina and invisibility, you can't fall behind Jaina too much. If you fall behind Jaina, then she will be lost and the quest will have to be done again.
Step 2
Level 50,9 (~ 8 minutes)
  • Once in Oribos, you have to do story quests right away. They are quite slow, there is no place to get ahead. At this stage, it is important to take improvements for both professions and fix the stone of return in the Oribos tavern, and then open flights.
  • IMPORTANT: upgrade the bonus experience infusion before gaining level 51.
Step 3
Level 51 (~ 67 minutes)
  • The first location will be Bastion. Here do only story quests and 1 additional quest with "Swords". Try to get away from the main crowd of other players.
  • Once you get the quest to return to Oribos, use the stone of return.
  • IMPORTANT: in Purity's Pinnacle you need to pick up the treasure "Kyrian Bell" (heals the character while running between quests). It is recommended to use this item until level 60.
Step 4
Level 53,6 (~ 85 minutes)
  • The second location Maldraxxus. Only story quests need to be done here, and still try to get away from the crowds of players. At the end there will be a slow storyline in The Maw.
Step 5
Level 55,9 (~ 65 minutes)
  • The third location Ardenweald. Here you need to do only story quests and 1 additional quest with "Swords".
  • Additionally, you can take the dungeon quest at the very end (but don't do it). If for some reason you will lack experience in Revendreth, then do this quest.
Step 6
Level 57,9 (~ 75 minutes)
  • The fourth location is Revendreth. In this location do all the story quests and all the minor quests (which will get on the path). In total you need to do about 10 minor quests and 2 additional quests with "Swords".
  • When you arrive in Sinfall with Theotar and take the quest "Take the elevator up" you must have level 59 and 80% to level 60 (4 empty lines), otherwise you have to go back.
Step 7
Level 59,9 (~ 5 minutes)
  • If you for some reason did not have enough experience to get level 60, and the main story has already ended. Then you need to refarm experience in random dungeons with normal difficulty, because the quests in the old zones will be gray (or grind mobs near Sinfall).
Step 8
Level 60 (~ 8 minutes)
  • After getting level 60, take the quest from Prince Renathal in Sinfall (Revendreth) for the final scenario.
  • After finishing the scenario, fly to General Draven, and then press the return stone to Oribos.
Step 9
Level 60 (~ 32 minutes)
  • In Oribos, do the quest to choose a covenant and immediately fly to the stronghold of the chosen covenant.
  • In the stronghold do only the story quests of the stronghold, including the 3 local quests and the quests in The Maw.
  • Run the upgrade on the "Mission Command Table" and bind the return stone to the covenant stronghold (this step can be skipped on minor characters, a skip button appears.

5 useful items that will help you farm a little faster:

  1. Sky Golem ➜ allows you to collect herbs without getting off your mount.
  2. Herbalist's Spade ➜ +10 to Herbalism.
  3. Enchant Gloves - Herbalism ➜ super fast weed harvesting.
  4. Comfortable Rider's Barding ➜ Mobs can't knock a character off a mount.
  5. Darkmoon Firewater ➜ quick gathering: herb / ore / leather.

A brief FAQ on how to level up a character to level 60

  • Level up your character with PvP mode enabled (gives an experience bonus and 3 PvP talents to increase damage dealt).
  • Be sure to use guild standards.
  • It will be useful to install an addon to automatically take and give up quests.
  • Don't waste your time collecting treasure and killing rare elite mobs, very little experience is gained for them.
  • Try not to collect loot from mobs at all, unless it is necessary according to the terms of the quest.
  • The best consumables for levelling: Goblin Glider (х50), Gunshoes (х80) and Bear Tartare (х10).
  • Do only story quests all the way up to Revendreth.
  • Complete all quests with "Swords" in all locations: Bastion (х1), Ardenweald (х1) and Revendreth (х2).

Sequence of visiting locations, when increasing the levels of the main character:

1. The Maw ➜ 2. Oribos ➜ 3. Bastion ➜ 4. Maldraxxus ➜ 5. Ardenweald ➜ 6. Revendreth.

Basic information on raising the levels of secondary characters

  • Secondary characters must complete quests in The Maw, just like the main characters.
  • When you arrive in Oribos, you will be offered the choice of skipping the story or continuing to level up through the story, choose to skip the story.
  • In each location you need to complete 4-6 additional quests, for this you get 80k experience (in each location).
  • The rest of the time, level up your character in random Shadowlands dungeons.

The best way to raise your character levels from level 50 to level 60:

It is most effective to level up characters in a group of 5 people. For passing a random dungeon in normal difficulty, each member of the group gets ~50k experience. If you are part of your group quickly pass dungeons, then this way to pump up much more profitable and faster than doing quests. However, for the main character this method is not expedient.


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