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Raszageth the Storm-Eater

  • 17-03-2024

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Raszageth the Storm-Eater

General Information:

  • There are a total of 3 main battle phases and 2 transitional battle phases on this boss.
  • There are 4 platforms that are designated by colors (elements), with the central one being common.
  • The Vault of the Incarnates, which has a certain amount of durability, will appear during combat.
  • During the transitional phases, there will appear mobs. To successfully kill mobs, it is necessary to divide the raid members into 2 identical groups.
  • In the last phase of the battle, there will be what is called a DPS (enrage) check.
  • Heroism (Hero) / Bloodlust (BL) - should only be used during the third phase of battle.
  • Potions that increase the damage dealt are recommended to be drunk during the first transitional phase and during the third phase, in combination with BL / Heroism.
  • Between the elemental platforms, there are teleporters that are just enough to step into.
  • Moving from the platform, as well as to the central platform, is done with the help of an explosion (boss push). In order to fly in the right direction, players need to position themselves correctly. Moving between the yellow platform and the two side platforms is done with the help of portals.
  • Above the platforms are Raszageth's imprisoned brothers from other elements. During the course of the fight, she tries to free them, gradually breaking the integrity of The Vault of the Incarnates. If The Vault of the Incarnates, runs out before the boss dies, then there will be a wipe.

A brief description of the phases of combat:

Phases of battle
(boss health)
The Vault of the Incarnates
(safety margin)
Phase 1 100% - 70% Not involved Central
Transition phase 1 70% / 65% 100% - Х% Blue + Red
Phase 2 Remaining health Х% - 0% Yellow
Transition phase 2 25% or whatever's left 0% Yellow
Phase 3 Remaining health 0% Central (Enrage)

Boss Abilities

Stage One: The Winds of Change

  • Hurricane Wing ➜ For 100 energy (+6 seconds to cast the spell), the boss hits members of the raid. This ability deflates players and deals shock and intermittent damage for 3 seconds.
    Mythic: With each use, the ability lasts +1 second longer (deflate and debuff).
  • Static Charge ➜ Marks players with a debuff for 8 seconds, at the end of which, an explosion with high damage decreasing with distance occurs. It is not recommended to place near the marks for the transition phase.
    Normal / Heroic: Creates a "Static Field" under the target.
    Mythic: Does not create a "Static Field".
  • Static Field ➜ Puddles with debuff and slowdown. Weaken the movement of players.
    Recommended to be placed in a designated spot to avoid being blown off the platform.
  • Volatile Current ➜ Deals heavy damage to all players. You must gain a range of 8 meters. Inflicts "Volatile Spark" on characters".
  • Volatile Spark ➜ Can be destroyed by dispel or interrupt.
    The explosion deals average damage to players, and imposes a negative effect for 3 seconds (stackable, interruptable).
    Heroic: has 3 "Volatile" charges.
    This is a mechanic on dispel / interrupt. These are sort of opponents assigned to players. You can't skip casting spells. The easiest way to do this is to immediately dispell. Each player interrupts / dispel the mechanics assigned to him.
  • Electrified Jaws ➜ Powerful blow to an active tank, dealing high physical damage and medium damage from forces of nature. Inflicts a debuff for +100% physical damage for 33 seconds.
    Tanks must change by 1 debuff effect.
  • Lightning Breath ➜ Deals lethal damage, must be dodged.
  • Lightning Strikes ➜ Puddles, stuns characters and deals damage.
  • Electric Scales ➜ Deals AoE damage and debuffs random players.

Intermission: The Primalist Strike

  • Lightning Devastation ➜ Death Puddles, do not get hit by this ability.
  • Ruinous Shroud ➜ The boss is covered by a shield that reduces all damage dealt to the boss by 99%. While the shield is active, The Vault of the Incarnates' defense is reduced by 1% every 1.5 seconds.
  • During this transitional phase of the battle, the boss summons several types of mobs.
    Normal / Heroic: Surging Ruiner, Oathsworn Vanguard, Stormseeker Acolyte.
    Mythic: All of the above mobs, and additionally summons two more mobs: Frostforged Zealot and Flamesworn Herald.

Stage Two: Surging Power

  • Stormsurge ➜ At 100 energy, the boss shields itself for 44.5M health (~20% health). This deals 5k damage to all raid members every second, and each trigger, increases the damage by 200%. The shield hangs for 25 seconds. If the shield is not penetrated, then all raid members will be wiped. As long as the shield is active, the players are affected by the "Stormcharged" ability.
  • Stormcharged ➜ All players are affected by two types of tags (you need to get a distance of 8 meters from each other in advance).
    Being next to a tag of the same name will give a buff +200% damage and healing.
    Being next to the opposite tag deals 8k damage per second (until the boss shield drops).
    It is recommended to use WA with a tag announcement, or put right / left tags on the floor.
    Mythic: Changes the charge of multiple players. Applies a buffing charge and then reverses the polarity.
    Players affected by "Inversion" must move away from other raid members.
  • Tempest Wing ➜ Creates a wave. Deals damage to players and discards affected characters.
    During this phase of battle, players must simply resist or jump the wave.
    Mythic: Affected players, deal damage every 0.5 seconds to all allies within a 1 meter radius.
  • Fulminating Charge ➜ Marks players with a marker for 3 seconds. At the end of the 3 seconds, deals damage in radius and transitions to the nearest target. With each subsequent transition, the radius decreases. After the transition, a debuff is applied to the character.
    Mythic: Immobilizes when tagged.
  • Volatile Current ➜ Similar to the first phase of battle.
  • Lightning Breath ➜ Same as the first phase of combat.
  • Lightning Strikes ➜ Similar to the first phase of battle.
  • Electric Scales ➜ Similar to the first phase of battle.

Intermission: The Vault Falters

  • The boss behaves similarly to the first transitional phase of the battle.
  • A new mob appears: Colossal Stormfiend.
    Heroic: players will have to fight two Colossal Stormfiend.

Stage Three: Storm Incarnate

  • Raging Storm ➜ Enrage mechanic. Floods the space of a room. Triggers "Storm's Spite" ability.
  • Storm's Spite ➜ Gradually shrinks the workspace on the platform.
    Heroic: "Magnetic Charge" ➜ Marks players for 8 seconds. At the moment of explosion, pulls everyone towards the epicenter. Damage decreases with distance.
  • Tempest Wing ➜ Similar to the second phase of the battle.
    Given the fact that the room space is shrinking, it might make sense to sacrifice some players. So that they can take debuffs to the edge, but not hit the raid members.
  • Fulminating Charge ➜ Similar to the second phase of battle.
  • Lightning Breath ➜ Same as the first phase of battle.
  • Thunderous Blast ➜ Directs a malicious beam at an active tank, the beam deals damage every 2 seconds. After 1.5 seconds, deals a large amount of damage from forces of nature. Inflicts a debuff that increases physical damage by 100% and also increases damage from the next "Thunderous Blast" by 100%.
  • Lightning Strikes ➜ Similar to the first phase of the battle.
  • Electric Scales ➜ Similar to the first phase of battle.
  • Mythic: "Storm-Eater" ➜ Casts storm energy particles to reabsorb them. Each particle heals the boss with 5% health, and casts a buff on the boss that increases the damage dealt by 20%. Players in the path of the so-called particles are affected by "Storm's Spite".

The boss's minions (Mobs)

  • Surging Ruiner ➜ Appear during the first transitional phase of the battle, 3 mobs on each platform. Must be killed quickly (priority).
    "Surge" ➜ The Mob surrounds itself with a shield. It deals AoE damage and attacks The Vault of the Incarnates. After the shield is removed, the mob gains "Overload" and summons additional mobs.
    "Overload" ➜ Deals AoE damage to all raid members, at ~30k damage every 3 seconds. Also increases allied damage by 100% (lasts until the mob dies.
    Heroic: "Surging Blast" ➜ Imposes a 6 second debuff on certain players, at the end of which it deals 250k damage to everyone within a 7 meter radius. Must move away from other players.
  • Oathsworn Vanguard ➜ Appear during the first transitional phase of battle, 4 mobs from each "Surging Ruiner". Successful melee attacks give the mob a cumulative buff that increases attack speed and movement speed by +10% for each effect.
    If on different platforms will be one such mob, then it turns out that it is a difficult challenge for tanks, because the tanks are separated from each other.
    You can also consider the option when one of the fighters will provoke (agro) on himself mob, under the effect of invulnerability. This action may be necessary for the mob to make a single blow to the fighter (to nullify the effects), and then the tank quickly took over the mob.
    If necessary, tanks can swap mobs, then the positive effects will fall off the Oathsworn Vanguard.
  • Stormseeker Acolyte ➜ Appear during the first transitional phase of battle, 3 mobs from each "Surging Ruiner". This type of mob is dangerous with its spells, which it directs at random characters. Be sure to try to interrupt as many of these mobs' spells as possible, ideally interrupting all spells.
    Heroic: Once a mob's health is reduced to 50%, it gains a +300% speed buff.
  • Colossal Stormfiend ➜ Appears during the second transitional phase of battle. Teleports to a new location and deals ~25k damage. Reinforces itself with the Crackling Energy buff. Summons "Seeking Stormlightning" at the initial teleportation point.
    "Ball Lightning" ➜ Colossal Stormfiend shoots spheres in 5 directions (star). These spheres deal damage as well as stun characters for 0.5 seconds.
  • Seeking Stormling ➜ mobs that seek Colossal Stormfiend. If it reaches Colossal Stormfiend, it is destroyed, restoring Colossal Stormfiend 5% health and increasing its damage by 25% (stackable).
    At 100 energy, Seeking Stormling is immune.
    Use repulsion abilities and catchers against this type of mobs, and try to destroy them as quickly as possible.
    "Crackling Energy" ➜ Colossal Stormfiend deals AoE damage for as long as it lives (8k every 2 seconds).
    Heroic: Upon death, Colossal Stormfiend charges a second Colossal Stormfiend. The boost puts a buff on it that increases its speed by 30%, and also starts summoning the "Unchecked Energy" effect until the mob dies.
    Alternatively, you can try to kill these enemies at the same time, maybe then the battle will become much easier.

Mobs from Mythic difficulty mode:

  • Frostforged Zealot ➜ Appears during the first transitional phase of battle. Deals medium damage to all members of the raid, and applies a large absorb to healing. After 10 seconds of healing absorption, explodes for 200k on players.
    It is recommended to use the powerful healing abilities of healers at this stage to quickly heal the absorb.
  • Flamesworn Herald ➜ Appear during the first transitional phase of battle. Priority enemy that needs to be killed as quickly as possible.
    "Flame Shield ➜ The mob casts a shield equal to 60% of the mob's health. As long as the shield is in effect, the mob becomes immune to interrupt spells.
    "Blazing Roar" ➜ Deals massive damage to players (nearly lethal) and increases damage to allies by 150%.

Useful information for gamers

For Tanks:

  • During the Transition Phase, be sure to use powerful defense abilities while fighting the Oathsworn Vanguard. Defensive abilities should be used when the mob has accumulated a lot of effects. Or ask the fighter to remove your mob for 1 hit, so that the effects of the enhancement can be removed. Be sure to remember that if the fighter performs such a maneuver, then he needs to use powerful defensive abilities.
  • "Thunderous Blast" ➜ Increases the character's total health. It deals damage from the forces of nature. The less damage you take, the less damage will be dealt by the explosion.
  • Dodge "Lightning Breath" and try to turn the boss away from other raid members.
  • During the 2nd and 3rd phases of the battle, the boss should always be kept with its back towards the other members of the raid. No player should stand near the active tank (in front of the boss's face), as the boss delivers a very wide cone strike.
  • Once you have broken the shield of an elemental in the first transitional phase of battle, you can move mobs to the next elemental to guide the dragon's span comfortably and calmly beat the next cluster of enemies (mobs).

For Healers:

  • In Phase 2 of the battle, you need to heal all raid members 100% before "Tempest Wing". This must be done because it is overlaid on puddles. On the following "Tempest Wing", be sure to use powerful defense abilities.
  • Mythic: Distribute powerful defense abilities, and only use them during transitional phases of combat, and during the healing absorption mechanic.

For DPS:

  • After 70% of the boss' health, save powerful attack abilities for the transitional phase of the battle.
  • Interrupt the slaughter with your "Volatile Spark", or remove it if possible.
  • Be sure to target priority mobs.
  • Use the most powerful attack abilities and damage boosting potions for the third phase of the battle.
  • During the 2nd phase of the battle, you can use 3 minute abilities to deal damage. Do this 10 seconds before the first shield, then they will recover by the third shield. Potions are restored to the second shield (5 minutes).


  • "Volatile Current" (sparks / mobs) can be simplified if there are AoE stuns in the group with a radius greater than 8 meters. You can lay out as compactly as possible, with the center player applying the stun to them. You can even have a 7-ring star (1 central and 6 peripheral rings).
  • Monk's "Ring of Peace" ability, can be used even before "Volatile Current" appears.
  • Normal / Heroic: In Phase 1 of the battle, you can bring the boss to the gray puddle. Everyone walks into it a second before "Tempest Wing" so that they don't get a push, but continue to calmly hit in melee and cast spells. This action will help the characters deal as much damage as possible. It should be noted that it is not necessary to stand in this puddle for too long, as the damage from it will be summed up and constantly increase.
  • Normal / Heroic: The 1st and 4th "Tempest Wing" in the 2nd phase of the battle, can be bypassed by teleporting through the "Demonic Gateway" (ability of the Warlock). This way, raid members will receive minimal damage from "Tempest Wing".
  • The last group of mobs in the 1st transitional phase of the battle can be hit while standing on the portal to instantly fly to the 2nd phase.

Battle map (general view)

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General battle plan:

  • In the first phase of the battle, before deflating, stand with your back to the puddles laid out beforehand so you don't fly away. This phase of the battle, will last up to 70% of the boss' health. It is recommended to save powerful damage abilities for the transitional phase of the battle.
  • At 70% health (65% on Normal difficulty), the first transition phase begins, and the boss wraps itself in an immune shield. The boss summons units to the platforms for reinforcements. At this point, all raid members will need to be divided into 2 equal groups (50 / 50). This is necessary in order to quickly clear the platforms of mobs and not let The Vault of the Incarnates get scratched too badly. Players stand on the edges of the platform and wait for the push that will move them.
  • After clearing all platforms, fly to the yellow platform. Prepare to stand up in groups (by marks).
  • Phase 2 of the battle begins.
  • At 0% durability of The Vault of the Incarnates, the 2nd transitional phase of the battle begins. The boss is wearing a shield that ignores damage, while the raid members are on a yellow platform. The boss summons Colossal Stormfiend, and attacks the platform with the "Lightning Devastation" ability. The transitional phase ends with Colossal Stormfiend being killed.
  • After the second transition phase, raid members need to stand up so that they can fly back to the first (center) platform.
  • Once all raid members land on the central (first) platform, you must use Bloodlust (BL) / Heroism (Hero) and all powerful abilities to deal maximum damage as the DPS check begins. By the course of which either you will kill the boss or the boss will destroy you.

Chronology of the battle with the boss

It should be noted right away that all timers are dynamic. This means that all timers directly depend on the health of the boss, as well as on the shield penetration rate and the health of The Vault of the Incarnates.

Boss timers

Note in MRT format

00:17 Static Charge
(you need to take out the puddle)
{time:00:17} 00:17 Static Charge
00:41 Hurricane Wing
{time:00:41} 00:41 Hurricane Wing
00:52 Static Charge {time:00:52} 00:52 Static Charge
01:16 Hurricane Wing {time:01:16} 01:16 Hurricane Wing
01:28 Volatile Spark
(you have to put distance between each other)
{time:01:28} 01:28 Volatile Spark
01:33 Static Charge {time:01:33} 01:33 Static Charge
01:51 Hurricane Wing {time:01:51} 01:51 Hurricane Wing
02:02 Static Charge {time:02:02} 02:02 Static Charge
  {time:02:19} 02:19 Hurricane Wing
Transition phase at 65%* {time:02:35} 02:35 Static Charge
We need to get off the mark {time:02:55} 02:55 Hurricane Wing
02:21 Repulsion  
You need to kill mobs *Transition phase at 65%*
The transition phase ends when all mobs are killed  
  {time:00:03,SAR:181089:3} 00:03 Shield & Marks +/-
04:02 Phase 2
(shield exit)
{time:00:38,SAR:181089:3} 00:38 Tempest Wing
04:14 Shield & Marks +/- {time:00:44,SAR:181089:3} 00:44 Fulminating Charge
04:49 Tempest Wing (х2)
(20 seconds after exiting the shield)
{time:01:03,SAR:181089:3} 01:03 Volatile Current
04:57 Static Charge {time:01:07,SAR:181089:3} 01:07 Tempest Wing
05:12 Volatile Spark
(you have to put distance between each other)
{time:01:23,SAR:181089:3} 01:23 Stormsurge
05:23 Tempest Wing (х2) {time:01:53,SAR:181089:3} 01:53 Volatile Current
05:33 Shield & Marks +/-
(10-14 seconds per shield)
{time:02:02,SAR:181089:3} 02:02 Tempest Wing
06:03 Volatile Spark
(you have to put distance between each other)
{time:02:09,SAR:181089:3} 02:09 Fulminating Charge
06:14 Tempest Wing (х2) {time:02:27,SAR:181089:3} 02:27 Tempest Wing
06:24 Static Charge {time:02:43,SAR:181089:3} 02:43 Stormsurge
06:36 Tempest Wing  
06:54 Shield & Marks +/- Transition phase at 0% at The Vault of the Incarnates
Transition phase at 0% at The Vault of the Incarnates {time:00:19,SAR:181089:5} 00:19 Thunderous Blast
  {time:00:32,SAR:181089:5} 00:32 Lightning Breath
08:50 Фаза 3 {time:00:36,SAR:181089:5} 00:36 Fulminating Charge
- {time:00:49,SAR:181089:5} 00:49 Thunderous Blast
{time:01:04,SAR:181089:5} 01:04 Tempest Wing
{time:01:13,SAR:181089:5} 01:13 Lightning Breath
{time:01:19,SAR:181089:5} 01:19 Thunderous Blast
{time:01:36,SAR:181089:5} 01:36 Fulminating Charge
{time:01:49,SAR:181089:5} 01:49 Thunderous Blast
{time:01:55,SAR:181089:5} 01:55 Lightning Breath
{time:02:03,SAR:181089:5} 02:03 Tempest Wing
{time:02:19,SAR:181089:5} 02:19 Thunderous Blast

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