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WoW Affixes (Mythic+ Dungeon Modifiers)

  • 25-01-2024

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Affixes from Mythic+ dungeons

This article is a full and comprehensive compilation of affixes from Mythic+ dungeons in World of Warcraft Retail. This article contains absolutely all WoW affixes from previous versions of the game, as well as current, up-to-date modifiers. The information published in this article is regularly checked for consistency and relevance. In the event that a new affix appears or changes are made to an existing modifier, this guide is quickly updated.

Affixes in WoW are a special type of specific modifiers whose purpose is to make it harder to pass Mythic+ dungeons. In World of Warcraft, modifiers are updated every game week (Wednesday), and new unique affixes are added to the game in each new season.



What to do?

Added to Abbrev. Patch Season
1 Sanguine After the death of a mob, a pool of blood appears. This puddle heals the mobs and bosses standing in it, and also deals damage to players. Live mobs and bosses cannot be brought into these puddles, otherwise they will heal while standing in them. Players should not stand in these pools, as a character standing in a pool of blood takes damage. Legion - 7.2.0 1
2 Bolstering When life ends, all enemy creatures (mobs only), except bosses, let out their last scream. This is not just a scream, but a cry of encouragement that temporarily increases by 20% all damage dealt by allies of the deceased mob. Try not to engage in combat with large groups of mobs, and also do not try to kill mobs one by one. If it happens that you started a fight with a huge number of enemy creatures, then try to kill all the mobs at the same time. Legion - 7.2.0 1
3 Tyrannical The health of all dungeon bosses is increased by 30%. All damage dealt by bosses and their summoned mobs is increased by 15%. Boss battles become very difficult and very long. It is recommended to use "Heroism" / "Bloodlust", as well as personal and mass defense abilities to protect yourself from the powerful abilities of the bosses. Legion - 7.2.0 1
4 Bursting After absolutely every mob is killed, a mass explosion occurs, causing a 4-second debuff on all characters in the group. This debuff deals periodic damage, sums up and renews when other mobs are killed. Try to kill 3-4 mobs at a time. If you don't have time to do this, then keep an eye on the debuffs and kill mobs at 5 second intervals, so as not to update and not to summarize the negative effect. Legion - 7.2.0 1
5 Fortified The total health of all mobs is increased by 20%, and all damage dealt by mobs is increased by 30%. Battles with all mobs become much more difficult. Try to interrupt their spellcasting as often as possible, and use "Heroism" / "Bloodlust" when fighting large concentrations of enemy troops. Legion - 7.2.0 1
6 Explosive While fighting mobs and bosses, explosive orbs appear out of nowhere. Each orb is equipped with a detonator, if the orb is not killed in time, it will explode and instantly inflict heavy AoE damage to all members of the group. As soon as the orbs appear, you need to target them and kill them as quickly as possible. If for some reason you didn't manage to kill the orb in time, then use personal or mass defense abilities one second before the orbs explode. Legion - 7.2.0 1
7 Raging As soon as mobs' health drops to 30%, their damage increases, and control and subdue effects stop working on them. Mobs fall into the so-called "Berserk" state of rage. Interrupt mobs' spells as often as possible and try to move mobs that are in a state of rage if necessary. Some classes can remove the frenzy state from mobs. Example: Druid "Soothe", Hunter "Tranquilizing Shot". Legion - 7.2.0 1
8 Volcanic During combat, periodically puddles appear under the characters' feet, from which streams of fire burst out a few seconds after their appearance. These fire jets deal damage to the players, additionally throwing the characters upwards. As soon as a puddle has formed under your character's feet, get out of it immediately, then your character will not take damage. Legion - 7.2.0 1
9 Necrotic When mobs or bosses take a physical blow in melee combat, the character is subjected to a negative, cumulative harmful effect. This debuff deals periodic damage and reduces the effectiveness of any healing the character receives. This affix is for tanks, but if the tank dies, then other characters start getting debuffs. Try not to gain more than 10 effects at the same time. In order to remove the negative effects from the character, you need to run away from mobs that they temporarily stop hitting you in melee. This debuff can be removed by using paladin abilities such as: "Blessing of Protection" and "Divine Shield". Legion - 7.2.0 1
10 Overflowing All excess healing is transformed into absorption healing. Healers need to carefully monitor the health of the group, and in doing so, never over-heal characters. Legion - 7.2.0 1
11 Teeming In M+ dungeons, additional mobs (not bosses) are added. Often new enemies are added to the most difficult mob clusters. Think carefully and analyze very carefully whether you need to fight these mobs or better to bypass them. Legion - 7.2.0 1
12 Quaking From time to time, circles of seismic activity appear around the characters, shaking the ground. In the radius of these circles there are tremors that cause damage, followed by interruption of spells for a few seconds, to absolutely all players who are affected by the energy release. Players must never stand together or converge. With these circles, you must separate from each other so that they do not reach other characters. 1 second before the seismic strike, you must stop and/or interrupt spellcasting yourself, otherwise you will get silence for a few seconds. Legion - 7.2.0 1
13 Skittish This affix greatly reduces the threat level of the tank (- agro). It is very difficult for a tank to gain and maintain threat level. It is recommended to invite to the group classes that can redirect the threat created by them in favor of the tank. Hunter "Misdirection", rogue "Tricks of the Trade". Legion - 7.2.0 1
14 Grievous Wounded characters take periodic damage that gets stronger and stronger over time. Healers should try to maintain 80%+ health on each character at all times, otherwise negative effects will be placed on characters that will become much harder to heal over time. Legion - 7.2.0 1
15 Infested Some mobs are infested with parasitic maggots from G'huun. If you see an infected mob, give it temporary control, first kill all the mobs standing near it, and then kill the infected mob when it is alone. Battle for Azeroth BfA 8.0.1 1
16 Reaping When the mobs die, evil ghostly souls appear, summoned by Bwonsamdi. Medium difficulty enemies, try to avoid them along with complex clusters of enemy mobs. They are susceptible to stuns and are also quick and easy to kill with AoE damage. Battle for Azeroth BfA 8.1.5 2
17 Beguiling Three very nasty elves, each with unique abilities. 1. Void-Touched Emissary - each cast of this NPC increases the damage of the next cast. This enemy should be killed as quickly as possible, sometimes requiring the use of defensive abilities.
2. Emissary of the Tides - priority target, needs to kill as fast as possible. Gives mobs protection from spell interruption and immunity to control effects.
3. Enchanted Emissary - this NPC does not need to be killed, just repel it with abilities or stun it.
Battle for Azeroth BfA 8.2.0 3
18 Awakened In the dungeons there are obelisks, interaction with which takes players to the otherworld. In this otherworld, players will encounter powerful and dangerous enemies in the form of N'Zoth's servants, who must be killed. Go to the obelisks and kill the servants of N'Zoth, if you miss these mobs, then they will appear during the battle with the final boss of the dungeon, and then you will have to be very not sweet. In some exceptions, you can leave a single mob and beat it together with the final boss, provided that it slightly affects the difficulty of the boss fight. Battle for Azeroth BfA 8.3.0 4
19 Spiteful After killing mobs, mobs appear as ghostly shadows that target characters and move towards them. These mobs are controllable and can be killed, but not necessarily. It is much more profitable to run away from them and/or stun them. These mobs lose health every second, so they die quickly. Shadowlands SL 9.0.2 1
20 Storming Periodically, during combat, swirling vortices appear. Contact with them causes damage and throws characters away. Do not come into contact with the vortices. Shadowlands SL 9.0.2 1
21 Prideful When every 20% of enemy troops are killed, a bloody mob appears in the game. After its death, all members of the group receive a positive buff for 60 minutes, which greatly increases the movement speed of characters and mana regeneration rate, as well as increases healing and damage dealt. Try to gain % of enemy troops so that every 20% you fight only one of these bloody mobs. It is recommended to kill it before difficult packs of mobs and before boss fights. You can say that the buff that gives this mob is a free analog of "Bloodlust" / "Heroism". Shadowlands SL 9.0.2 1
22 Inspiring Some mobs are endowed with an aura that protects all allied mobs from control and interrupt casts. Mobs with this aura are very unpleasant opponents when it comes to fighting large and/or complex mobs. However, this mob is susceptible to control effects. Example: "Freezing Trap" for hunter, "Paralysis" for monk, "Imprison" for demon hunter, etc. Shadowlands SL 9.0.2 1
23 Tormented The Jailer's minions appear in all Mythic+ dungeons, and for killing them, each player is given the opportunity to choose an enhancement for their character. Each unkilled minion of The Jailer gives its powers to the final boss, making it much stronger. It is recommended to kill all mobs.
1. Incinerator Arkolath - has an aura that deals average fire magic damage every 3 seconds. Interrupt all spells to the mob, as well as spill puddles on the side. Inflicts a periodic fire damage debuff on a random player.
2. Oros Coldheart - casts an aura that reduces movement speed by 50%. Dodge "Ice Lance" and avoid puddles. Inflicts "Biting Cold", a periodic ice damage, on a random player.
3. Executioner Varruth - has an aura that reduces all healing received by 50%. Under the cast of "Wave of Terror", you must run away to avoid getting scared. The tank should use powerful defenses before "Decapitate". "Mayhem" - dash to target, don't stand in the way.
4. Soggodon the Breaker - Has an aura that increases all physical damage received by 50%. "Bindings of Misery" - you have to run away to rip. "Clobber" - lots of damage and stun, don't get hit by this one. The tank should use powerful defense abilities before "Slam".
Shadowlands SL 9.0.2 1
24 Infernal In dungeons there are beacons, interacting with them or starting a boss fight triggers the summoning of additional mobs. Try to kill these mobs as quickly as possible. Shadowlands SL 9.1.0 2
25 Encrypted In the dungeon there are relics (stars) that must be killed. After destroying the first relic, a mob appears. Quickly kill the monster to get reinforcement for the group members. Each relic is responsible for the appearance of a specific mob. Affix mobs are easy, so choose the relics that suit you best. Mob Abilities:
1. Urh - grants players stealth for 10 seconds and increases their movement speed by 150% for 45 seconds.
2. Wo - 20% haste for 45 seconds.
3. Vy - increases ability recovery speed by 20% for 45 seconds.
The sequence in which the mobs appear depends on the first relic you kill. Try to kill mobs not mindlessly, but before important moments for the group. For example, such as: skip mobs, a fight with a complex pack of mobs or a battle with the boss. To use the bonuses from the affix with maximum benefit for the group.
Shadowlands SL 9.2.0 3
26 Shrouded Some mobs have a buff from the "Shrouded" modifier, when you attack such a mob, nathrezim appears from it. Ta'ilh - allows you to select one of the enhancements:
➜ Critical Strike;
➜ Haste;
➜ Mastery;
➜ Versatility.
Which will affect your character throughout the dungeon. If you forget to select a bonus, then you will automatically gain versatility.
Affix Mobs:
1. Nathrezim Infiltrator - easy mob. Dodge cleaves and try to kill it quickly so it doesn't heal.
2. Zul'gamux - mini-boss, deals medium-sized tank damage, heals by stealing character health and closes into a damage-absorbing sphere.
Killing any of the mobs grants a bonus to the selected characteristic. In addition to a positive effect that restores 6% of mana and health every second for 5 seconds.
Shadowlands SL 9.2.5 4
27 Thundering Every 75 seconds, a storm begins to rage. Increases enemy health by 5%. The storm deals damage and stuns. Stay out of lightning strikes and dodge anything that flies at you. Dragonflight DF 10.0.1 1
28 Incorporeal Periodically, spirits appear in the battle and try to interfere with the players. There is no need to hit these mobs. Most importantly, don't let them cast. Stuns and interrupt spells are effective, but not ideal. Therefore, use long-lasting subdue and control effects. "Hibernate" for druids, "Paralysis" for monks and the like. Dragonflight DF 10.1.1 2
29 Afflicted Periodically, ghostly souls appear during combat that need help from players. Every 30 seconds of combat, 1 or 2 souls may appear. Afflicted Soul has a 10-second cast, after which it casts a harmful debuff that reduces the speed of all group members by 100% for the next 10 seconds. In order for the soul to disappear, it must be healed 100% or one of the three debuffs (poison, disease, curse) must be removed from it - use Dispel. Dragonflight DF 10.1.1 2
30 Entangling Periodically, vines appear from the ground, which entangle the characters, slowing down the player's movement speed. If the character does not get rid of the shackles, he will be stunned. The affix is very easy, run out of the circle where the vines are growing, and then they will fall off the character. Also, to remove the vines, you can use any ability that removes movement restrictions. Example: "Hand of Freedom" for paladins, shape-shifting for druids and so on. Dragonflight DF 10.1.1 2
31 Shielding     Dragonflight DF    



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