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Dathea, Ascended

  • 04-03-2024

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Dathea, Ascended

General Info:

  • The battle is against a single boss that sometimes summons elite mobs, and very often minor and insignificant mobs.
  • For an effective battle with this boss, it is recommended to choose select talents against a single enemy, and to have one ability to deal AoE damage with a recovery period of 1 minute (60 seconds).
  • You need to assign groups to fly to platforms to kill mobs.
  • The boss summons a 1st mob on the main platform, at the moment of death the mob explodes and flips all characters away, 1 group flies away. On one of the three platforms (chosen randomly) there will be small spellcasters and the same mobs. They need to be killed and flown back. In normal mode, there will be 2 mobs on the main platform and none on the balconies.
  • Heroic / Mythic: The assigned group must go to the platform and destroy all mobs. Approximate group composition: 1 tank, 2 healers and 4 fighters. At the same time, the groups must necessarily alternate. On the platform will be the same mob that repels (he must be killed last), so that he throws you back. This process can coincide with the mechanics of Cyclone or Marks. Use personal defense abilities if necessary.

Boss Abilities

  • Cyclone - Attracts all players to the boss and throws up high those characters who are attracted. During the pull, the boss deals AoE damage to all members of the raid. It is recommended to use powerful mass defense spells.
  • Raging Burst ➜ Puddle, triggers "Raging Tempest" to appear.
  • Raging Tempest ➜ Do not touch! Deals damage and throws players upwards. Periodically deals AoE damage to all raid members. Adds +2 "Raging Tempest" each battle phase.
  • Crosswinds ➜ Moves "Raging Tempest" across the platform. When "Raging Tempest" arrives, a puddle forms where you must move away from it.
  • Conductive Mark ➜ All players must keep a distance of at least 4 meters from each other. Use defensive abilities when receiving debuffs. It is forbidden to move or approach other characters. Contact will deal powerful AoE damage to all members of the raid. The boss randomly chooses 4-5 ranged players to mark. The duration of the effect in normal difficulty mode is 10 seconds unless you extend the effect.
    It is recommended to create a WA to display the distance between characters with an additional check and display of that distance.
    If melee characters are far away from the boss, then they too may be affected by the "Conductive Mark". Additionally, if there are no ranged characters on the platform with the boss, then "Conductive Mark" will overlap with the melee characters.
    Heroic: Lasts for 15 seconds.
    Mythic: The mark does not fall, you must approach the corpse of Volatile Infuser (elite mob) and give it 10 energy.
    Mythic: You can call this stage of the battle a test for the fighters, because there will be five Volatile Infusers in total per battle.
    Mythic: "Conductive Mark" is applied to four players at a time. Accordingly, to charge one Volatile Infuser, 10 charges of "Conductive Mark" must be channeled.
    Mythic: The moment one Volatile Infuser awakens, the energy gained by other dead Volatile Infusers is completely nullified. This means that the third set of characters with a "Conductive Mark" must wait a bit. The two characters with tags are charged with "Conductive Mark" immediately, and the other two characters with "Conductive Mark" must wait for the first Volatile Infuser to activate before charging the second Volatile Infuser.
  • When 100 energy is reached, mobs are summoned (this happens every 80 seconds).
  • Heroic: "Thunderbolt" ➜ When one group is sent to an additional platform, all members of that group receive a cumulative debuff, as well as vulnerability to that debuff by 50% for 72 seconds. Be sure to change groups every platform.

Boss Minions (Mobs)

Volatile Infuser

  • Deals a powerful blow to the tank called "Aerial Slash". The tank must use powerful defense abilities.
  • Strengthens the boss, interrupt spells are required.
  • Mythic: In this difficulty mode, the buff from the boss does not drop..
  • Scatters malicious puddles across the battlefield.
  • Explodes upon death, the explosion damages characters and knocks them back within 150 meters.

Heroic / Mythic: Thunder Caller

  • Six mobs will appear on the platform each time.
  • Be sure to interrupt the spellcasting of the mob.
  • After a mob appears on a platform, a debuff (an effect with periodic damage) appears, which causes a static link and additional debuff damage. This is why it is necessary to change groups to go to platforms.

Important information for players

For Tanks:

  • Zephyr Slam ➜ Powerful blow to active tank, repels. Each blow imposes a +50% debuff to damage and repulsion. Tanks must swap between 2-3 effects.
  • You must not move away from the boss, otherwise he will start firing powerful shots at the tank. It is necessary to use the ability "Provocation" ("agro") while the boss is casting a spell. As practice shows, such classes as: Warrior, Death Knight, Druid and Demon Hunter, should not have problems with this mechanic.
  • Volatile Infuser deals powerful damage to an active tank (damage from forces of nature). Smaller mobs are not dangerous, but can cause trouble due to their large number. Tanks change by 1 debuff. It does not matter at all who starts and which tank flies to the platform.

For Healers:

  • Pay special attention to players with "Conductive Mark".
  • Powerful defensive abilities will definitely be needed when summoning mobs. This is due to the fact that for 20 seconds they will shoot raid members, as well as AoE damage to all raid members and Volatile Infuser blast.
  • Remember that you will definitely need 1 or sometimes even 2 healers on the side platform (depends on classes and character equipment).
  • Near the end of the battle, the periodic AoE damage to raid members increases. This is due to an increase in the quantity of "Raging Tempest".

For DPS:

  • When choosing talents, be sure to emphasize having the maximum number of stuns, interrupt spells, and other similar control effects.
  • Be sure to gain the necessary distance from each other, and avoid contact with other characters.
  • During the transition phase, be sure to expose mobs to control effects.
  • Always remember that your damage output is critical on this boss from the start of the fight until the end of the battle. If you have phases 4, 5 and 6, then it will be very difficult for healers to heal raid members. Try to kill this boss as soon as possible, it's very important!


  • At the moment of a powerful blow to the tank, the tank can hit the "Raging Tempest" with his back to avoid flying far away and getting an arrow. Taking damage from "Raging Tempest" is justified by the fact that the damage from "Raging Tempest" is much less than from the subsequent arrow. In addition, the risk of flying off the platform is leveled out.
  • Any unplanned moves on this boss can be avoided by using personal class and racial abilities. For example: teleportation (monk, warlock, mage) and/or jumping (warrior, druid, hunter, demon hunter, etc.).
  • Mythic: 12 "Conductive Mark" appear per battle phase, with only 10 "Conductive Mark" needed to charge a single Volatile Infuser. The remaining 2 "Conductive Marks" can be taken to the next Volatile Infuser in turn, or to another Unstable Infuser at the command of the raid leader. There may be a situation where Volatile Infusers appear much earlier than necessary.
  • The force of the Volatile Infusers explosion is completely independent of your distance to it. All players are knocked back with the same force, regardless of their location.
  • It is not recommended to position Volatile Infusers on the very edge of the platform. Otherwise, the group assigned to the platform will be forced to stand very close to each other and may be overcharged by "Conductive Mark".

Map of the battle

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Boss battle timeline

Heroic (HC) - Boss Timers

Heroic - MRT note

00:05 Marks {time:00:05} 00:05 Marks
00:35 Marks {time:00:35} 00:35 Marks
00:39 Cyclone {time:00:39} 00:39 Cyclone
01:05 Marks {time:01:05} 01:05 Marks
01:05 Charging 1 {time:01:05} 01:05 Charging 1
01:25 Marks {time:01:25} 01:25 Marks
01:25 Mobs on the platform {time:01:25} 01:25 Mobs on the platform
01:55 Marks {time:01:55} 01:55 Marks
02:09 Cyclone {time:02:09} 02:09 Cyclone
02:26 Marks {time:02:26} 02:26 Marks
02:30 Charging 2 {time:02:30} 02:30 Charging 2
02:46 Marks {time:02:46} 02:46 Marks
02:56 Mobs on the platform {time:02:56} 02:56 Mobs on the platform
03:15 Marks {time:03:15} 03:15 Marks
03:40 Cyclone {time:03:40} 03:40 Смерч
03:47 Marks {time:03:47} 03:47 Marks
03:54 Charging 3 {time:03:54} 03:54 Charging 3
04:07 Marks {time:04:07} 04:07 Marks
04:25 Mobs on the platform {time:04:25} 04:25 Mobs on the platform
04:37 Marks {time:04:37} 04:37 Marks
05:07 Marks {time:05:07} 05:07 Marks
05:07 Charging 4 {time:05:07} 05:07 Charging 4
05:10 Cyclone {time:05:10} 05:10 Cyclone
05:27 Marks {time:05:27} 05:27 Marks
05:56 Mobs on the platform {time:05:56} 05:56 Mobs on the platform
06:28 Marks {time:06:41} 06:41 Cyclone
06:41 Cyclone {time:06:47} 06:47 Marks
06:47 Marks {time:06:47} 06:47 Charging 5
06:47 Charging 5 {time:07:18} 07:18 Marks
07:18 Marks {time:07:29} 07:29 Mobs on the platform
07:29 Mobs on the platform  
07:48 Marks {time:07:48} 07:48 Marks
08:08 Marks {time:08:08} 08:08 Marks
08:08 Charging {time:08:08} 08:08 Charging
08:11 Cyclone {time:08:11} 08:11 Cyclone
08:38 Marks {time:08:38} 08:38 Marks
08:43 Cyclone {time:08:43} 08:43 Cyclone
09:10 Marks {time:09:10} 09:10 Marks
09:28 Marks {time:09:28} 09:28 Marks
09:28 Charging {time:09:28} 09:28 Charging
  {time:09:45} 09:45 Cyclone


Mythic - a note in MRT format

{time:00:10} 00:10 Marks
{time:00:35} 00:35 Marks
{time:00:40} 00:40 Cyclone
{time:01:01} 01:01 Marks
{time:01:25} 01:25 Push to the platform
{time:01:40} 01:40 Marks
{time:01:50} 01:50 Push backwards
{time:02:06} 02:06 Marks
{time:02:10} 02:10 Cyclone
{time:02:31} 02:31 Marks
{time:02:55} 02:55 Push to the platform
{time:03:14} 03:14 Marks
{time:03:20} 03:20 Push backwards
{time:03:37} 03:37 Marks
{time:03:41} 03:41 Cyclone
{time:04:03} 04:03 Marks
{time:04:26} 04:26 Push to the platform
{time:04:41} 04:41 Marks
{time:04:51} 04:51 Push backwards
{time:05:07} 05:07 Marks
{time:05:12} 05:12 Cyclone
{time:05:33} 05:33 Marks
{time:05:57} 05:57 Push to the platform
{time:06:12} 06:12 Marks
{time:06:22} 06:22 Push backwards
{time:06:39} 06:39 Marks
{time:06:42} 06:42 Cyclone
{time:07:03} 07:03 Marks
{time:07:27} 07:27 Push to the platform
{time:07:42} 07:42 Marks
{time:07:52} 07:52 Push backwards
{time:08:08} 08:08 Marks
{time:08:13} 08:13 Cyclone
{time:08:37} 08:37 Marks
{time:08:58} 08:58 Push to the platform
{time:09:16} 09:16 Marks
{time:09:23} 09:23 Push backwards
{time:09:42} 09:42 Marks
{time:09:45} 09:45 Cyclone

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