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  • 24-02-2024

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General Information:

  • At 100 energy, the boss summons a tapering ring of elementals. Players are not allowed to touch the elementals, touching will deal lethal damage. Raid members must kill one elemental and run into the gap.
  • Pour new puddles as close to old puddles as possible. It is possible to pour new puddles directly into old puddles, provided your character has the ability to avoid death.
  • It is not recommended to move far away from the boss, as he every 30 seconds, sneezes a cone hit to a random side.
  • Mythic: 2 walls of elementals in transition phase, inward and outward at the same time. Run the outer one first, then the inner one.

Boss Abilities

  1. Flamerift ➜ Every 30 seconds, the boss randomly selects 5 players (3 ranged characters + 2 melee characters). From these players, a puddle spills out after 7 seconds. At the site of the puddles, mobs called Flamescale Tarasek appear from portals.
    Mythic: In addition to the 5 standard "Flamerift" debuffs, the boss casts an additional "Greater Flamerift" debuff on the tank. A rift will appear, from which Flamescale Captain will emerge as time passes. The main task of the raid members is to interrupt all Flamescale Captain spells.
  2. Incinerating Roar ➜ AoE damage to raid members, applies a summation debuff (fire damage).
  3. Burning Wound ➜ Burning Wound ➜ Automated boss attacks, imposes a debuff on the tank.
  4. Molten Spikes ➜ Spikes from the floor, need to move away. Remain until the boss breaks them with his roar. Turns into cracks.
  5. Molten Cleave ➜ Big sneeze to random side. Applies a fire debuff, also leaves a puddle of fire under affected players. With each hit, stacks periodic fire AoE damage on raid members.


Flamescale Tarasek

  • These are the mobs that appear in place of Flamerift (character puddles). They appear 5 at a time.
  • They focus their attention on a random character until they die.
  • Deals 4 hits of 22k physical damage, every 1.5 seconds for 6 seconds.
  • Subject to many control effects, try not to neglect controls.
  • Heroic / Mythic: As soon as a mob's health drops to 50%, it immediately enters a rage state. While in the rage state, the mob gains +75% movement speed and +50% damage.

Mythic: Flamescale Captain

  • Appears from Greater Flamerift, this happens at the same time as Flamescale Tarasek appears.
  • Casts malicious spells that deal massive lethal damage (must be interrupted).
  • During combat, uses the ability "Leaping Flames" - damage to raid members, has a stackable effect.

For Tanks:

  • Debuff is stackable, tanks should change by 8-10 effects (on decay).
  • Mythic: take out the debuff with spilling puddle, and then keep Flamescale Captain on him.

For Healers:

  • Every 30 seconds, a bouncing fire appears on raid members.
  • During the transitional phase, it deals intermittent AoE damage. If necessary, you can use mass defense abilities.
  • Pay special attention to players who take out puddles. At this point, the boss may use "Incinerating Roar" or "Molten Cleave", which may result in deaths.

For DPS:

  • From the first seconds of combat, use powerful abilities.
  • During transitional phases, you should have abilities that deal increased damage available (watch the timers).
  • Apply control effects to Flamescale Tarasek.
  • Mythic: Be sure to interrupt all Flamescale Captain spells.


  • Magical leaps, work through a wall of elementals.
  • Any springs work on Flamescale Tarasek (not to be confused with Flamescale Captain).
  • With two priests in the raid, you can dispel Leaping Flames from players without delay.
  • Caution: Warlocks Gate will not help you overcome a wall of elementals.
  • Positioning near the boss, makes it easier to dodge cone blows.
  • Blessing of Protection (BoP) - can save a player who has been targeted by Flamescale Tarasek.
  • The appearance of third portals in a phase, always coincides with a roar (feet). Pay attention to this and be sure to use your personal defense ability.

Battle Chronology (Timers)

Heroic (HC)

Heroic - Note in MRT format

00:19 Mobs {time:00:19} 00:19 Mobs
00:50 Mobs {time:00:50} 00:50 Mobs
01:14 Mobs {time:01:14} 01:14 Mobs
01:39 Ring {time:01:39} 01:39 Ring
02:22 Mobs {time:00:23,SAR:370307:1} 02:22 Mobs
02:53 Mobs {time:00:54,SAR:370307:1} 02:53 Mobs
03:24 Mobs {time:01:25,SAR:370307:1} 03:24 Mobs
03:39 Ring {time:01:40,SAR:370307:1} 03:39 Ring
04:22 Mobs {time:00:23,SAR:370307:2} 04:22 Mobs
04:53 Mobs {time:00:54,SAR:370307:2} 04:53 Mobs
05:24 Mobs {time:01:25,SAR:370307:2} 05:24 Mobs
05:39 Ring {time:01:40,SAR:370307:2} 05:39 Ring
06:23 Mobs {time:00:23,SAR:370307:3} 06:23 Mobs
06:54 Mobs {time:00:54,SAR:370307:3} 06:54 Mobs
07:25 Mobs {time:01:25,SAR:370307:3} 07:25 Mobs
07:40 Ring {time:01:40,SAR:370307:3} 07:40 Ring



Mythic - Note in MRT format

00:19 Mobs {time:00:19} 00:19 Mobs
00:30 Leaping Flames {time:00:30} 00:30 Leaping Flames
00:50 Mobs {time:00:50} 00:50 Mobs
01:02 Leaping Flames {time:01:02} 01:02 Leaping Flames
01:14 Mobs {time:01:14} 01:14 Mobs
01:31 Leaping Flames {time:01:31} 01:31 Leaping Flames
01:39 Rings {time:01:39} 01:39 Rings
02:22 Mobs {time:00:23,SAR:370307:1} 02:22 Mobs
02:35 Leaping Flames {time:00:36,SAR:370307:1} 02:35 Leaping Flames
02:53 Mobs {time:00:54,SAR:370307:1} 02:53 Mobs
03:06 Leaping Flames {time:01:07,SAR:370307:1} 03:06 Leaping Flames
03:24 Mobs {time:01:25,SAR:370307:1} 03:24 Mobs
03:37 Leaping Flames {time:01:38,SAR:370307:1} 03:37 Leaping Flames
03:39 Rings {time:01:40,SAR:370307:1} 03:39 Rings
04:22 Mobs {time:00:23,SAR:370307:2} 04:22 Mobs
04:35 Leaping Flames {time:00:36,SAR:370307:2} 04:35 Leaping Flames
04:53 Mobs {time:00:54,SAR:370307:2} 04:53 Mobs
05:06 Leaping Flames {time:01:07,SAR:370307:2} 05:06 Leaping Flames
05:24 Mobs {time:01:25,SAR:370307:2} 05:24 Mobs
05:37 Leaping Flames {time:01:38,SAR:370307:2} 05:37 Leaping Flames
05:39 Rings {time:01:40,SAR:370307:2} 05:39 Rings
06:23 Mobs {time:00:23,SAR:370307:3} 06:23 Mobs
06:36 Leaping Flames {time:00:36,SAR:370307:3} 06:36 Leaping Flames
06:54 Mobs {time:00:54,SAR:370307:3} 06:54 Mobs
07:07 Leaping Flames {time:01:07,SAR:370307:3} 07:07 Leaping Flames
07:25 Mobs {time:01:25,SAR:370307:3} 07:25 Mobs
07:38 Leaping Flames {time:01:38,SAR:370307:3} 07:38 Leaping Flames
07:40 Rings {time:01:40,SAR:370307:3} 07:40 Rings

Battle Maps

Main Battle Phase:

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Transitional Combat Phase:

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