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  • 25-02-2024

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General Information:

  • We can say that this boss is a real test for fighters in terms of damage dealt.
  • Use talents to maximize damage to a single enemy (solo targeting).
  • Heroism (Hero) / Bloodlust (BL) is recommended to use at the very beginning of the battle.
  • The boss stands in one place and does not move. If none of the players are in melee range, it will lead to the imminent death of all members of the raid (100% wipe).
  • The floor of the room gradually becomes clogged with puddles.

Basic recommendations during the fight with the boss:

  • Players spill spikes underneath them, the task of the tanks is to break the spikes with their beam.
  • Players should participate in sharing the damage from the meteorite.
  • Dodge all boss abilities, only run away under the meteorite.
  • Always stand next to existing puddles or at the edge of a flooded square to spill new puddles to the previous ones.
  • During the first and second phases of combat, place spikes in a line. During the third and fourth phases of combat, it is recommended that spikes be placed in 2 lines or coordinate with healers.
    Mythic: Place the spikes on two sides, right and left.
  • Mythic: Phase 1 - 5 spikes, Phase 2 - 6 spikes, Phase 3 - 7 spikes, Phase 4 - 8 spikes.
  • Unbroken spikes, the boss will break (destroy) the sector on its own.
  • The boss model is physically empty, so you can very easily fall into the abyss beneath it (don't forget this).
  • Mythic: Split (Puddles) casts Infused Fallout debuffs on all players. You can divide the raid members by 16/4 or 14/6, so that most of the players run in the same model in the melee zone and instantly clear the negative effects, the ranged characters are cleared in the second turn. This is to avoid unexpected deaths of raid members.
  • To make combat easier, you can use special WA to spread your spikes out in two directions.

Boss abilities

  • Rock Blast ➜ splitting damage from "meteorites", damage radius 12 meters. Leaves a puddle.
    Marks players with "Awakened Earth" spikes. When a meteorite falls, spikes grow under the marked players (this happens even if the marked player does not share the meteorite).
    Leaves behind an "Aftershock" (need to get out of the puddle).
  • Shattering Impact ➜ malicious puddle, you must move away. Triggers the "Fractured Rubble" and "Infused Fallout" abilities.
  • Fractured Rubble ➜ puddles.
    Mythic: casts "Infused Fallout" on all members of the raid.
  • Mythic: Infused Fallout ➜ deals 11k damage every 0.5 seconds. When two characters come in contact, deals 23k damage and flips the characters.
  • Resonating Annihilation ➜ for 100 energy, floods a sector (quarter) and casts "Fractured Rubble" and "Infused Fallout" (similar effects) on players' heads. May shatter remaining spikes.
  • Awakened Earth ➜ are spikes. As long as the spikes are standing, they deal periodic damage to raid members. When destroyed, it deals AoE damage and debuffs for 12 seconds (can stack).

If the entire floor is flooded with puddles (06:23 minute) or there are no characters in the melee area, then the boss will go into a rage state of " Enrage", thus destroying all members of the raid (100% wipe).

Useful tips

For tanks:

  • The "Concussive Slam" ability":
    1. Punch into the active tank, tunnel that punch into the tank and beyond. In no case do not direct this punch at players, it should be directed at spikes to clear the space. This punch deals physical damage, triggers every 20 seconds.
    2. Imposes a debuff on the active tank, increasing all damage received by the tank by 20%. Duration of the debuff is 45 seconds. Change between tanks is performed strictly on the fall of the debuff (or by sector). An active tank is able to endure 10+ effects of this debuff, provided the use of powerful defensive abilities.

For healers:

  • As long as the spikes are on the ground, all members of the raid take AoE damage (depending on the quantity of spikes).
  • Pay special attention to players who spread out the spikes and share the meteorite.

For DPS:

  • Use personal defense abilities if "Awakened Earth" is cast on you.
  • If you lay out a spike next to another player, there is a risk of getting locked out. Leave space for yourself and your coworker.
  • Try to take out puddles to previous puddles.


  • Normal (nHC) / Heroic (HC): Meteorite can be self-survived with an ability in paladins called "Divine Shield", as well as with abilities of similar effect in other classes.
    Mythic: It is strictly forbidden to overlap meteorites into a single character, mythic mode requires multiple characters to overlap.
  • You can carefully lay out puddles in one sector, and then direct the boss's strike into that sector. This tactical maneuver will help save room space. In order to direct the boss' strike to the desired location, the raid members need to gather in one spot before saying "Resonating Annihilation".

Battle maps

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Battle Chronology (Boss Timers)

Heroic (HC)

Heroic - note in MRT format

00:08 Ejection {time:00:08} 00:08 Ejection
00:13 Beam {time:00:13} 00:13 Beam
00:36 Beam {time:00:36} 00:36 Beam
00:51 Ejection {time:00:51} 00:51 Ejection
00:55 Beam {time:00:55} 00:55 Beam
01:18 Beam {time:01:18} 01:18 Beam
01:28 Sector {time:01:28} 01:28 Sector
01:45 Ejection {time:01:45} 01:45 Ejection
01:50 Beam {time:01:50} 01:50 Beam
02:13 Beam {time:02:13} 02:13 Beam
02:28 Ejection {time:02:28} 02:28 Ejection
02:32 Beam {time:02:32} 02:32 Beam
02:55 Beam {time:02:55} 02:55 Beam
03:05 Sector {time:03:05} 03:05 Sector
03:21 Ejection {time:03:21} 03:21 Ejection
03:26 Beam {time:03:26} 03:26 Beam
03:49 Beam {time:03:49} 03:49 Beam
04:04 Ejection {time:04:04} 04:04 Ejection
04:08 Beam {time:04:08} 04:08 Beam
04:31 Beam {time:04:31} 04:31 Beam
04:41 Sector {time:04:41} 04:41 Sector
04:58 Ejection {time:04:58} 04:58 Ejection
05:03 Beam {time:05:03} 05:03 Beam
05:26 Beam {time:05:26} 05:26 Beam
05:41 Ejection {time:05:41} 05:41 Ejection
05:45 Beam {time:05:45} 05:45 Beam
06:07 Beam {time:06:07} 06:07 Beam
06:18 Sector {time:06:18} 06:18 Sector
06:23 Enrage {time:06:23} 06:23 Enrage


Mythic - note in MRT format

{time:00:08} 00:08 Ejection
{time:00:13} 00:13 Beam
{time:00:30} 00:30 Dust
{time:00:36} 00:36 Beam
{time:00:51} 00:51 Ejection
{time:00:55} 00:55 Beam
{time:01:11} 01:11 Dust
{time:01:18} 01:18 Beam
{time:01:28} 01:28 Sector
{time:01:36} 01:36 Dust
{time:01:45} 01:45 Ejection
{time:01:50} 01:50 Beam
{time:02:06} 02:06 Dust
{time:02:13} 02:13 Beam
{time:02:28} 02:28 Ejection
{time:02:32} 02:32 Beam
{time:02:55} 02:55 Beam
{time:03:05} 03:05 Sector
{time:03:13} 03:13 Dust
{time:03:21} 03:21 Ejection
{time:03:26} 03:26 Beam
{time:03:42} 03:42 Dust
{time:03:49} 03:49 Beam
{time:04:04} 04:04 Ejection
{time:04:08} 04:08 Beam
{time:04:23} 04:23 Dust
{time:04:31} 04:31 Beam
{time:04:41} 04:41 Sector
{time:04:49} 04:49 Dust
{time:04:58} 04:58 Ejection
{time:05:03} 05:03 Beam
{time:05:20} 05:20 Dust
{time:05:26} 05:26 Beam
{time:05:41} 05:41 Ejection
{time:05:45} 05:45 Beam
{time:06:00} 06:00 Dust
{time:06:07} 06:07 Beam
{time:06:18} 06:18 Sector
{time:06:23} 06:23 Enrage

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